How to Write a Business Quote: Free Price Quote Template and Examples

Service Price Quote Sample

You work hard to generate leads. Are your price quotes working hard enough to close them?

Whether potential customers are requesting work through your website, finding you on Angie’s List, or contacting you through a referral, you need to be able to respond with a timely, professional price quote.

If you don’t have a great price quote template, you can kiss those hard-earned leads goodbye.


Because how you provide quotes to your clients is a direct representation of your brand, your professionalism, and your business.

If it’s sloppy, handwritten, or missing information, prospective clients will assume your business runs the same way.

On the other hand, a good quote will show your attention to detail, your ability to listen to the customer’s needs, and the value of the service you are pricing.

Bonus: If your quoting process is online, you’ll also show prospective clients that you run a modern business and are easy to work with.

We’ll break down why providing quotes to your clients is important, how to write a quote for a job, and how to send a quotation to your customers below.

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What is a Price Quote?

A price quote, service quote, or sales quote is an agreement between a customer and a service professional to provide a service at an agreed-upon price and within a specific time-frame. The quote shows a breakdown of the individual charges that are added together to create the total cost of a job. A quote cannot change once agreed upon between the service provider and the customer unless both parties agree to the change in writing.

Quotes for service-based businesses, such as lawn care, landscaping, HVAC, cleaning, or general contracting, are different from quotes for goods. That’s because services are more difficult to compare than products, and prices can vary widely from business to business. A business quote is also often the first impression, or the first step to securing a contract, so you need to make a great impression.

This is why writing a professional quote that clearly explains the value of what you are charging for is crucial to winning more jobs.

Find out more about why and when to send a quote in Back to Basics: Breaking Down the Quote Process.

How to Quote a Price for a Job

Every industry has different standards for preparing quotes for services. For example, window cleaners quote by the number of window panes, and landscapers quote by the size of the property and materials.

No matter what industry you work in, how to quote a price comes down to the same 5 steps:

  1. Determine your pricing strategy and estimate the cost of the job
  2. Write the quote using a service quote template that includes your company details, branding, and has a professional design
  3. Clearly list pricing information for the service and demonstrate the value you are bringing to the client
  4. Email or text the quote to your client, providing an easy way for them to approve the quote electronically
  5. Send quote follow-ups to clients who don’t respond within a set period of time

For step one, if you don’t already have a solid pricing strategy, you’ll want to read our guide to the 11 different pricing strategies for service business.

Looking for industry-specific job pricing guides? Check out:

In this article, we’ll focus on steps 2-5: writing and sending the quote.

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How to Write a Quote for a Job Using a Price Quote Template

The easiest and fastest way to write professional quotes is to start from a job quote template.

You can create this in Word, Excel, or simplify your life and use a pre-made quote template like the one below:

Free Service Quote Template

Get your fully customizable quote template here!

Get the Template

A professional layout helps you build trust with your clients. It should include a consistent header with your company name and contact information, the word ‘quote’ at the top of the page, and have all important dates and numbers clearly laid out.

Once you’ve created your quote template (or downloaded the free version above), simply plug in the information required for this specific job.

What Should You Include on Your Business Quote?

The most important elements of a service quote are:

  1. Company Name
    This one seems obvious, but it’s important. For your company to stand out, your customers need to be aware of your company. Make sure that you include your company name and, if possible, include your company logo on your quotes.
  2. Contact Information
    Make sure that your contact information is clear and easy to find. For your customer to take action on the quote, they need to be able to contact you. You must also include your customer’s name and their address.
  3. Line Items
    A good quote will help your customers understand what you are providing and what they are getting. Customers want to know what they are paying for, so list out each product and service with the associated price.
  4. Quote Expiry Date
    Supplier prices, seasonal demand, and worker availability fluctuate — so does your pricing. In order to ensure an accurate and profitable price, make sure you give the quote an expiry date. It’s usually within 14-30 days.
  5. Notes and Images
    Not all quotes are the same. Include detailed notes and attach photos to the quote to help paint a clearer picture of what you will be working on, pre-existing damage, or special payment terms (i.e. if you are applying a seasonal or referral discount).
  6. Deposit (optional)
    If the service requires a significant up-front investment in materials, you’ll want to request a deposit. Add this to the quote so that the client knows they must pay the deposit before work can begin.

Tip: To avoid duplicate entry, store all of this information in your CRM (Client Relationship Manager). That way, when you are ready to convert the quote to an invoice or if the customer wants repeat work in the future, you can pull it all up and create a new quote in seconds.

Alternatively, you can use quoting software to create, store, and manage all of your quotes.

Jobber’s quoting software automatically includes all of the fields above and more. In addition to create quote templates, Jobber lets you:

Jobber also lets you customize your quotes by adding your logo and business colors for an added touch of professionalism. See how easy it is in the video below:


Example Quote for Services

Here’s an example of a professional quote created using the steps above and Jobber’s quoting software:

example quote

How to Send a Quote to your Customers

Now that you’ve gotten your quote written up, you need to send it to your prospect to win the job.

Always send the quote as soon as possible after the client has contacted you to request it — if possible, within 24 hours.

The best way to present a quote to a client is to email it to them in PDF format. Emails are professional, easy to track, and you can easily follow-up on them.

How to Email a Price Quote

Keep the subject line simple and the message short and friendly. Here’s a sample of a quote sent by email.

Note that Jobber’s quoting software automates this part of the process. Simply create your quote in the app and Jobber will automatically send your client a branded link to view the quote and either approve it or request changes online.

Sample Quotation Email to Client

How to Send a Price Quote by Text Message

Another option is to text the quote directly to your client’s phone. This makes quote delivery even easier, as homeowners are extremely likely to check their text messages and respond to them.

It will make you look like a modern, tech-savvy business, even if you operate out of your home!

As with the automated quote email, clients they can view, approve, or request changes to the quote right from their phone.

Image of invoice to text software
Here’s what text messaging quotes and invoices looks like on your phone when you use Jobber for quoting and invoicing.

The One Quoting Tip You Should Never Leave Out

Presenting a professional, well-written quote is like getting your foot in the door. But it’s the quote follow-up that closes the deal.

Clients and prospects get busy. They may have multiple quote requests or projects on the go, so it’s normal for them to forget to approve your quote, even if you’ve put an expiry date.

A well-timed follow-up is usually all you need for prospects to hit “approve.” And all you need to do? Practically nothing!

If you’re using Jobber, quote follow-ups are 100% automated. If a client hasn’t responded to a quote within a set amount of time, Jobber will automatically email or text them a friendly reminder.

You can customize the message and time frame, so that it feels like sales are closing themselves.

Quote Follow-Ups
A quote follow-up text message with a one-click link to approve the quote in Jobber's client hub.

If you aren’t using Jobber to create and send quotes, you can also set calendar reminders in your Outlook or Gmail calendar to follow-up with customers before the quote expiry passes. Just remember to add this task to your quote process checklist so that no clients (or jobs) slip through the cracks.

Taking the time to write a solid quote template may seem tedious, but it will make you look polished and professional, and help you win more of the jobs you want to be doing.

Good luck and happy quoting!

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