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Feature Update: Invoice and Quote Delivery by Text Message

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Make it easy for your clients to view new invoices, and pay you faster.

Did you know that you can close two times as many quotes and get paid 20% faster if you just change the way you send your quotes and invoices to your clients?

That’s why we’re introducing a new way for you to get invoices and quotes to your clients.

Jobber customers you can now send invoices and quotes to your clients via text message! Close more deals and get paid faster than ever using Jobber’s new text message delivery system.

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Does texting prospects and clients make a difference? Three use cases:

Example 1: Leaving clients with handwritten quotes

John visits a prospect’s property to give them a quote to service their furnace and AC unit. He hands the prospect a hand-written quote with a smile and heads out. But he never hears back from them…maybe the quote is sitting on their kitchen table, or got thrown away? John never gets their business and will never know what happened to that quote. ☹

Example 2: Texting clients with an invoice reminder

Matt emails his clients an invoice right after he finished their tree trimming project but hasn’t received payment yet. He checks Jobber for the invoice status, and sees that it hasn’t been opened yet. A week later, he texts his client the invoice using Jobber’s new feature. They pay him promptly with Jobber Payments through client hub, and also thank him for reminding them about the invoice because they just got back from vacation and weren’t checking their emails.

Image of invoice to text software
Here’s what text messaging quotes and invoices looks like on your phone when you use Jobber for quoting and invoicing.

Example 3: Texting clients the quote

Annie meets her prospect and they talk about her kitchen renovation. Shortly after making an estimate and talking it through, Annie leaves her prospect and writes up a quote using Jobber’s app. Instead of emailing her client the quote, she texts it to her. Within a few hours, Annie’s prospective client signs off and approves the quote, and then texts her back thanking her for such an easy working relationship.

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How do I start texting invoices and quotes to clients?

  1. Make sure you’re logged into Jobber, or start a free trial if you haven’t yet.
  2. Create your first quote or invoice.
  3. Simply click the “send text message” button. Select multiple numbers to send your quotes or invoices to.
  4. If you send the quote or invoice to a number that isn’t in the dropdown, it will be automatically saved to the client.
  5. Jobber will send your quote or invoice to your clients
  6. Watch as your bank account fills up 20% faster and your book of business grows

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* This feature is limited to Jobber customers in Canada and the U.S.



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