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Using Jobber: Text and Email Appointment Reminders

Any time there is a customer service miscommunication, it’s frustrating for you and your client. And when these miscommunications mean a canceled appointment—it’s expensive!

The worst part about these miscommunications is that sometimes it feels like you did everything correctly on your end. What do we mean by this? Let’s break an example scenario down a bit:

Let’s say you run a home service business like an appliance repair company. You’ve talked to a brand new client and they’ve booked your services to repair their laundry machine. You’ve spent time providing your client with a quote, you’ve scheduled the service call, and you’re ready to get to work. On the day of the appointment, you arrive at your client’s home, knock on the door, and… the homeowner isn’t there.

This happens to many home service companies, no matter what the industry. You have a client who wants your services, is ready to pay, but somewhere along the line they made a mistake and forgot when the appointment was scheduled.

This is frustrating because it was your client that forgot about the appointment. You felt like you did everything in your control to be prepared and make sure the service call went smooth. But this scenario isn’t about casting blame—instead you should be thinking about proactive ways to improve your customer communication so your professionalism stands out and you avoid last minute cancellations.

Your solution: text and email reminders

Sending your clients a reminder before their upcoming appointment is a great way to boost your professionalism, increase communication with your clients, and be proactive in preventing last-minute cancellations.

Jobber users in the United States and Canada can send manual or automatic text and email reminders right from Jobber. To set up automatic reminders, go to the settings page of your Jobber account and click Client Reminders.

Text Appointment Reminders

You can choose to automate email reminders, text reminders, or both.


To send a manual email reminder, click on an incomplete Visit in the Assigned Visits section of a Job page. In this popup, click on Send Client Reminder in the Actions drop-down:

Appointment reminder in Jobber

You can learn more about how to set up your reminders or even customize the message by checking out our help documentation.


In our business when we dispatch a crew out to a job we have a lockout fee. But just to have a reminder go out a day before or a couple days before has really decreased the number of times we have had people say ‘Oh we forgot you were coming.’ It’s great because you really don’t want to enforce that lockout fee.

Kevin Reynolds, Handmaid Cleaning Quote

Better communication means happier customers

So we know that appointment reminders can help reduce last minute cancellations, but it doesn’t end there. Appointment reminders can help your professionalism stand out and improve the relationship you have with your customers.

Is there anything your client needs to do to make sure they are prepared for your service appointment? This is your opportunity to remind your client so there are no delays when you arrive. Do clients ever have special requests or new instructions? Remind them to let you know ahead of the appointment so you can be fully prepared.

Your appointment reminder templates are an extension of your commitment to top notch customer service. Use this feature in Jobber to automate this task—your customers will appreciate it and your professionalism will stand out from the competition.


Editor’s note: this post has been updated for clarity and accuracy of information.

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