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How it Works: Push Notifications

Push notifications

You’re too busy to be calling, texting, and emailing your team schedule changes, and we have a solution.

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ However, when it comes to processes you’ve developed for your business workflow, it’s often hard to see when something is broken because you’re too busy, well, working!

Communicating schedule changes to your team is one area that’s easily overlooked when it comes to searching for ‘broken’ processes.

Picture this: A customer cancels a job last minute and before you can call or text your employee to tell them not to head to their next job you end up fielding another customer call. By the time you text them they’re halfway to the canceled job. Not the end of the world, but this delay did eat up some fuel cost and created a slightly disgruntled employee.

You can probably recite a bunch of real-life scenarios that follow the same pattern of this pretend one. Jobs are canceled, moved earlier or later in the day, added last minute—and you call, text, and email your team with updates that usually get them to the right job at the right time. Unless your busy schedule makes it hard to update them immediately and they don’t get to the right place at the right time… and here we have a sneakily broken process.

Introducing your team communication sidekick

Push notifications in Jobber immediately alert your team to schedule changes by popping up on their phones from the Jobber app—within a minute of you making a schedule change.

No more phone tag (if you can even find the time) on your part because you can now rest easy knowing your team is in the loop and ready to show up to the right job at the right time.

push notifications

Notifications are sent to your crew when you make the following changes to a team member’s current workday:

  • Visits are removed, deleted, or canceled
  • Visits are rescheduled
  • New visits are added to their schedule

A quick glance at their phone’s lock screen will show them that they have a schedule change, and they can click through on the notification to read the details in the Jobber app. Easy.

If you’re already using Jobber, push notifications are automatically enabled—no setup required. Just ensure that you’re using the most up-to-date version of the Jobber app, and that notification permissions for the Jobber app are turned on in your phone settings. Find more technical tips in our help doc.

Life after push notifications

Push notifications are a simple but very sweet plus of using Jobber’s software to run your business. It’s a big improvement in team communication with no extra effort on your part, and it also helps you avoid the very annoying following scenarios:

  • Showing up to cancelled work
  • Doing cancelled work (and not being able to invoice for it)
  • Being late to a new or reassigned job

You save time, your team communication is top notch, and your customers are impressed with your team’s ability to react quickly and provide last minute service and emergency work.

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