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How it Works: Batch Invoicing

Get all of your invoices out in less time than it takes to read this article.

An invoice is the essential bridge over the valley between work well done and a payment for your services. Without one, you never make it to the cash reward for all your hard work.

More literally, it’s a hard record of work done. Something concrete for your customers to refer to when they’re writing you a cheque or completing an ePayment.

Your ability to track invoices sent, paid, and past due is even more critical.

If business is going well you might find you develop a backlog of invoices that is affecting your ability to maintain healthy cash flow. Maybe some even fall through the cracks, which means a month or two later when you find them, if you find them, your customer service takes a bit of a hit if your customer’s memory of the job you did is now fuzzy. Maybe you lose track of which invoices are paid and which are past due, and end up having a few embarrassing conversations with customers in order to sort it all out.

At Jobber, we don’t ever want to hear you lament about business going too well, so we developed a solution that will help you keep track of all your invoices plus save you tons of time!

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Batch invoicing for the win

Jobber’s batch invoicing feature is like an amazing assistant that keeps a running list of all your completed jobs.

It’s especially handy for recurring work. When you’re mowing a lawn every week during the summer, or cleaning a home bi-weekly you don’t necessarily want to send an invoice after each visit. In these cases, a monthly invoice might be more manageable for your client, and Jobber’s batch invoicing feature takes the pressure off of you to tally each visit because it pulls from your record of visits in Jobber.

At your convenience—monthly, weekly, whatever works for your workflow and clients—visit your Jobber dashboard and select the ‘Batch Create Invoices’ action.

Never miss another invoice

At Jobber we’re not big on absolute statements, but this one is close to being true.

Once you select the ‘Batch Create Invoices’ action, you’ll automatically see a list of all completed and uncompleted jobs available for invoicing, and can select exactly which jobs and visits you’d like to create invoices for.

Batch Invoice Creation

A couple more clicks and you can email out all of the invoices you just created, or if your customers prefer snail mail, Jobber will queue up invoices and envelope labels for printing.

It’s really that easy to keep track of your invoices with Jobber. That means less time and paper spent tracking, creating, and sending invoices, and more time spent on actual work or other important life events.

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Put Jobber’s batch invoicing feature to work for you today! For more information on setup, visit our Batch Invoice Creation help article.

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