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If you’re a customer-first business, then you know how important keeping in touch with your clients is. That’s why we’ve introduced two-way text messaging to help you stay connected to your customers.

We surveyed 1,400 American homeowners asking them how they felt about keeping in touch with their home service providers.

Here's what they said:

84% of homeowners said that being able to text their service provider was important or very important to them.

Plus, 58% of homeowners said they hear back from their service providers within an hour if they texted.

This is compared to 60% of homeowners who said that it takes up to 24 hours to get a response from their service provider via email.

When it comes to timeliness and customer service, text messaging your customers can go a long way.

On top of that, texts can give you the type of personal touch that helps set you apart, and build stronger relationships.

Jobber’s new two-way text messaging allows your entire team to send and receive texts and notifications right in Jobber.

As your customers shift to text messaging as their main communication method, keeping up with messages can be a lot to manage.

image of jobber's two way messaging feature

With two-way text messaging you’ll be able to:

  • Delight customers by communicating with them in a way they prefer
  • Impress leads by getting back to them faster than your competitors can
  • Build trust quickly with personalized, real-time conversations
  • Stay organized with one simple message center for incoming and outgoing client communications

Text messages sync in real-time between the app and Jobber online so you and your team are always viewing the most up-to-date texts, regardless of the screen you’re using.

What is Two-Way Text Messaging?

Jobber’s two-way text messaging is your one place to speak to your clients in Jobber Online.

That means that you’ll have one stream where you receive and send text messages.

When you use two-way text messaging you can:

  • Get a dedicated phone number
  • Send unlimited messages with no additional fees
  • Create and send personalized text messages online
  • Filter all incoming and outgoing texts into one single message center
  • Simply track conversations relating to quotes, invoice, work requests, and more

Who can use Two-Way Text Messaging?

1. Admins

Admins will be able to see all the communication between everyone on your team and your client from Jobber Online.

Plus, they will be able to send custom, personalized messages back.

Everyone on your team will be on the same page when it comes to client outreach.

Responses to appointments, quotes, invoices, and bookings will stay organized, and everyone will know how to respond to customers quickly and effectively.

2. Business Owners

With a single place for each customer text message history, you’ll finally be able to know exactly what’s going on for each client account.

You’ll understand how to engage with your customers and leads when their interest is at its peak, and come to resolutions quickly and efficiently in one place.

3. Team Members [NEW]

Your entire team can have access to two-way text messaging, not just your admins.

By sharing the responsibility of responding to customer text messages, you can make sure customers hear back quickly, and from the person actually doing the work.

You can control team members’ permissions so they don’t see pricing, requests, quotes, jobs, and invoices if you don’t want them to.

This feature is included in Grow plans.

See how two-way text messaging can keep you organized, and your customers satisfied.

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