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SMS Messaging for Better Client Communication

One of the most important aspects to running a service business is staying connected with your clients. With the new SMS feature, you can send automated text messages to your clients to let them know you’re coming.

Your team can also send a quick message to your clients to let them know they’re on the way or running behind. Don’t leave your customers guessing when you’ll show up.

To help you connect with your clients, we have two new features to announce that both take advantage of the new SMS feature.

SMS Client Reminders

You want to make the most efficient use of your time. Going to appointments when the client is not there or meant to cancel but didn’t, costs you valuable time that could have been spent on other clients.

You need to know that the client has confirmed the visit so that they are committed to the work being done. It also commits the clients to be there when the workers are there to do the job if that is needed.

Clients are preferring more and more to get reminders through SMS directly to their phone. They might miss an email, but they are less likely to miss a text.

Easier For Your Clients

Clients can sometimes forget that they have an upcoming visit from a field worker. If they need to cancel, reschedule, or set aside time to be present for the visit, they need to be reminded in advance.

With a simple reply to the reminder text message, they can confirm the visit. Simple for them and you.

SMS Client Reminders

A simple and automated way for business owners to notify and remind their clients about upcoming visits so they can get confirmation, cancellation, or rescheduling notice before any time is wasted.

When to use:

  • You have multiple visits in a day and want to make sure the day is full of confirmed visits.
  • Client needs to be there for the job to be done, so the confirmation makes sure that someone will be there for the visit.
  • You want the reminder to go out at a specific time. It can be hours or days before the visit, or even at an exact time of day.
Set up to 2 visit reminders (including SMS) to be sent at a time set by you
Set up to 2 visit reminders (including SMS) to be sent at a time set by you

SMS Arrival Notifications

When in the field you rely on Jobber to keep your organized. Currently, there is no easy and quick way to communicate with your clients when you will be arriving or if you will be late.

You are usually in a rush to get to each visit during the day. Stopping to find all the information and send a text can take too long and get skipped. Once you start driving you especially don’t want to be distracted trying to get a message to the client.

The new SMS Arrival Notifications for Jobber is that easy and quick way to let clients know you’re on the way or running behind.

(Click to enlarge) SMS Mobile Arrival Notification
(Click to enlarge) SMS Mobile Arrival Notification

For information on everything related to SMS see our documentation article. If you need any help getting setup, contact our support team and we will help guide you through it.



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