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Feature Update: Overdue Invoice Reminders

Overdue Invoice Reminders
Automatically remind clients their invoice is due and give them an easy, one-click option to pay.

Overdue invoices aren’t just frustrating. They’re hurting your small business.

While your cash flow grinds to a halt, you’re on the hook for calling clients, crafting the perfect firm-yet-polite email, and keeping track of who you’ve contacted, when.

If you’ve completed work the client is happy with, you shouldn’t have to spend extra effort reminding them to pay.

That’s why we’re introducing overdue invoice reminders.

Jobber now helps you automatically remind your clients about overdue invoices so you can get paid faster. When an invoice due date is coming up, clients will receive a friendly email with a link to their client hub. They can see how much they owe and click to pay online, hassle-free.

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Love the auto reminder for invoices! I received 19 overdue payments today!

— Ellen Hoelzel, Scoops Dog Waste Clean Up Service, Inc. Quote

The impact of overdue invoices on your service business

Invoices issued by field service businesses are, on average, more than 9 days overdue before they receive payment. And the average small business in the United States has $84,000 in unpaid invoices!

Nine days with no cash flow could mean missing an installment on your equipment lease. Or skipping a paycheck because you need to pay your team.

Chasing down payments is tedious, time-consuming, and uncomfortable for everyone involved.

Jobber’s overdue invoice reminders does the legwork for you. You’ll spend less time chasing payments, and feel comfortable knowing your clients have an easy way to view and pay their invoices.


Before, I would have a stack of invoices that I would have to sort through and then re-mail them. Now, everything is paperless. It's easier to keep track of. Everyone has embraced the paperless technology and really loves it.

— Doug Heath, Heath Mechanical Service Quote
Overdue Invoice Reminders in Jobber

How do you remind clients of overdue invoices?

1. Make sure you’re logged into Jobber, or start a free trial.

2. Go to Settings > Client Reminders

3. Make sure the ‘overdue invoice reminders’ status is set to on.

Overdue invoice reminders settings

4. By default, invoice reminders will be sent on the day the invoice is due. Want to wait a little longer before asking them to pay? Simply choose another time frame from the dropdown menu.

5. Once a new, sent invoice has reached its due date, Jobber will send an automatic reminder to your client by email. Here’s what that looks like:

Overdue Invoice email template

6. Want to customize the email template? Under ‘invoice reminder template’, you can write custom text and add variables, such as the invoice number, service address, or account balance.

We all want to get paid on time. That just got easier in Jobber.

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