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New Feature: Online Booking

Online Booking in Jobber

Attract new customers when they book new work through your website—and receive a notification as soon as it happens.

In a fast paced world where consumers expect fast, if not immediate responses, the service provider who can respond to booking inquiries first will often with the job.

Your customers today expect the Amazon experience—an easy way to purchase the products and services they want online. In fact, 50% of consumers would be deterred from using a home service provider if they had slow response times, and nearly 50% of consumers prefer to schedule appointments via email, an online platform, or mobile app.

This is where online booking from Jobber comes in.

Your clients can book in just a few clicks

With online booking in Jobber, customers can book new work through your website and social media pages in just a few clicks.

The online booking form is customizable so you decide what information you’d like to collect. You can collect your customer’s name, address, the services they want, and their preferred dates and time.

While customers can request their preferred dates and times, they can’t book directly into your calendar. You still have the final say and control of your calendar and work load, which is really important—it’s your business and your calendar!

This new frictionless process means it’s easier for your clients to request and book work, and easier for you to action the request faster.

Part of a better customer service experience

We know that a frictionless experience is better for your bottom line. You’re able to respond to quote requests faster which means you’ll get more quotes approved.

But you’re also in the business of providing top notch customer service and online booking helps you do just that. Online booking is part of a larger seamless customer service experience that you’re able to provide.

So what is the customer service experience like when you use online booking and client hub in Jobber?

Your prospect sends a booking request right from your website. Because your online booking form asks for all the information you need, any phone tag and back-and-forth with your customer has been eliminated.

Once the work is scheduled, your client is reminded of their upcoming appointment with Jobber’s appointment reminders. Clients can view who will be visiting their property, check their appointment details in client hub, and confirm or request a change if necessary.

Lastly, when the job is done, your client can view and pay their invoice directly in client hub.

From booking through to payment, and everything in between, you’re providing your customers a seamless service experience.

Getting set up with online booking

Online booking is available on the Connect and Grow plans. If you’re brand new to Jobber, get started with a free trial.

If you’re already using Jobber and would like a hand setting up online booking, reach out to our Success Team at 1.888.721.1115. Whether you’re brand new to Jobber or have been with us for years, we’ve got your back.

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