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New: Note linking across Jobber

Keep your team in the loop with note linking, a quick way to ensure your team has all the info they need, when they need it.


Do you need to see important notes about a client when working on a new quote? Or, did your team make a note while on the job that you want to reference when putting together the invoice? Well, now you can—and it’s easy.

How it works

In just a few clicks, you can link information across related clients, quotes, jobs, and invoices. Note linking cascades down from client → quote → job → invoice. When creating a new note, you can choose where you’d like that note to appear:

  • A client note can be linked to all of the client’s quotes, jobs, and/or invoices
  • A quote note can be linked to jobs and/or invoices directly related to the quote
  • A job note can be linked to invoices directly related to that job

That note will automatically appear everywhere you select, so your team has access to all the details they need, when they need them.

We’ll also show if the note was originally created on the client, quote, job, or invoice. And if it’s updated in one place, it’ll update everywhere. If the note is edited by someone else on your team (through Jobber online or the Jobber app) we’ll record the time, date, and user that made the change.

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Learn how you can use notes and attachments effectively for jobs and client management in our CRM software.

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