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When you’re trying to close a client with a quote you need to do three things:

  1. Impress them and make your quote stand out
  2. Personalize your quote for their needs
  3. Be transparent about their options

With Jobber’s new quoting features, you’ll be able to win more jobs worth more money.

These new features will help you build flexible quotes that stand out from the competition and show clients exactly what they’ll get (and more).

Jobber users taking advantage of these new quoting features were able to:

  • Increase their quote totals by an average of 35% when they used add-ons to upsell.
  • 2X higher quote totals compared to users who didn’t use photos to show off products and services.

New quoting features in Grow include:

  • Optional add-ons: easily boost your revenue by upselling add-ons. This can increase your quote totals by an average of 35%.

Customers aren’t just going with the cheapest quote in their inbox because they can see the breakdown and value of the cost differences between options we’ve given them.

We’re also seeing a lot more follow through on quotes converting to jobs.

–Halli Sanchez, BluTex Pools


We’ve seen a good return on customers going with the higher priced options because of that breakdown and transparency.

Halli Sanchez, BluTex Pools Quote
  • Optional packages: get to approval faster. You’re able to highlight different packages like Gold, Silver, and Bronze. By doing that, you empower clients to select the option that works best for their needs and budget.
  • Line item images: stand out by showing off photos of your products and services. By including images right in your quote line items, you won’t have to send email attachments to show your customers what you’re talking about.

By including pictures in our quotes, our customers can easily identify which service we’re talking about.

They also know what to expect from us when we do it – without having to say it with words.

–Cameron Carson, Worried Bird Window Washing


Photos ease their concerns because it shows we’re being totally transparent and forthcoming in our bidding process.

It makes us stand out from the other bids the customer got.

Cameron Carson, Worried Bird Window Washing Quote

How can you use these new quoting features?


You want to sell higher-end top shelf products like warranties, or luxury cooling systems.

With Jobber’s optional packages functionality, you’ll be able to build good, better, and best offerings for your customers.

Your customers will be able to decide for themselves which of your services, warranties, or top shelf products they would like, based on their own budget and their differences.

You’ll be able to increase the value of each job based on their choices.

Lawn Care

You want to offer customers different packages to market the quality of your work, and sell more expensive services.

You can include packages in your quotes, and show clients what package tiers (like gold, silver, or bronze, for example) will get them the services and products they need.

Your customer who initially wanted just seasonal mowing services with your lowest tier package, is now convinced that they want your gold package, which offers fertilizer and hedge pruning.

image of optional line items in your home service quote

An example of a client choosing a spring clean-up optional add-on on their lawn mowing quote. 


We've been using the new images feature within quotes for our landscape designs. It's very helpful for our customers to see a picture of a plant right next to the description, quantity, and cost.

Kirk Brown, Kirk’s Lawn Care Quote


Your clients are convinced that they want interlocking done. However, you think that the best option for the look they want will require a bit more work and hardscaping.

You include add-ons to showcase your recommended package option and present them with different packages to pick from.

The first optional package shows the customer what their idea includes, what it looks like, and the price you can offer it at.

But, you also add a second optional package below it. This shows your client what you would actually recommend for their project, which includes some premium services.

Now that they can easily compare the two options, they decide to go with your premium option, which includes hardscaping.

What else do you get with Jobber’s quote management software?

  • Automatic Follow-ups: put follow-ups on autopilot so you never forget to follow up with a lead again
  • Two-way text messaging: manage communications in a single place and earn client trust with fast and personalized messages.
  • Online approvals: collect signatures online to make sure your clients are committed to the scheduled work.
  • Deposit requests: move forward with confidence by enabling your customers to put a deposit on their project through Jobber Payments.*

*Jobber Payments are only available in the United States and Canada.

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