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New: Up-to-the-minute schedule change alerts

Tired of playing phone tag with your crew?

When you’re running a business things can change on the fly. Our latest mobile app update automatically keeps your crew in the loop, so you don’t have to—push notifications are now here!

Push notifications


Immediately alert your team to schedule changes with push notifications that pop up on their phones from the Jobber app. They’ll get a notification in the field whenever they have a schedule change that affects their current work day.

We built this feature to make sure each person on your team is only getting the most important updates to their schedule. Notifications are sent to your crew within a minute of you making the following changes to team member’s current workday:

  • Visits are removed, deleted, or canceled
  • Visits are rescheduled
  • New visits are added to their schedule

But, my schedule never changes...

Said no one. Ever. Quote

Whether your client called to cancel, one of your crews is running late from their last job and you need to reassign the work, or you were able to squeeze in a new last-minute job—your team is in the loop and you can rest easy knowing they’ll show up to the right job at the right time.

How do I get started?

Good question! Push notifications are available to all Jobber users at no extra charge. And this feature is automatically enabled so there is no setup required! All you need to do is make sure:

  1. Each team member has the most recent version of the Jobber mobile app installed
  2. Notifications are on for the Jobber mobile app in their phone settings

Don’t miss a change...

We’re always making improvements to our mobile app to help your team work better in the field. Don’t miss out on our regular updates—keep your Jobber mobile app up-to-date. Install or update your Jobber mobile app now from the App Store, or Google Play.

You can also learn more about Jobber’s scheduling and drag-and-drop calendar features.

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