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Jobber Small Business Month Roundup

Jobber Small Business Month

As Fred Hodge, owner of Clearview Washing put it: “At the end of the day, entrepreneurship is a roller coaster that we’re on. There are so many highs, so many lows. It’s just nonstop, but at the end of the day, we just keep plugging along and fixing whatever is broken.”

We proclaimed May #jobbersmallbizmonth with the intent of exploring and addressing the unique challenges facing entrepreneurs in the home services industry.

What happened during #jobbersmallbizmonth? Here’s a look at the month by the numbers:

  • 6 entrepreneurs interviewed for Founders Stories Facebook Lives
  • 5 Ask an Expert Facebook Lives
  • 9 Starbucks gift cards sent to folks who shared a photo of their crew hustling
  • 5 behind the scenes interviews with Jobber team members
  • 1000 consumers surveyed on what they think about small businesses
  • And more!

Read on for details and links to all the good stuff.

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Entrepreneurs shared their highs and lows

We interviewed 6 business owners for our Founders Stories series on Facebook, asking them to share their challenges, how they overcame them, and their positive turning points:

  • Christine and Fred Hodge, Clearview Washing
  • Brian Boase, MIL-SPEC Landscaping
  • Nancy Walker, Clarksville RV Park
  • Judith Virag, Clean Club Calgary
  • Edward Ramsden, Jobber Product Marketer and Enviro Masters Lawn Care

We rounded up their major challenges and turning points in one post if you want to read through—and bookmark for a tough day!

Or check out our Founders Stories Facebook Live playlist to hear all their lessons and insights.

The takeaway: Entrepreneurship is tough, but so rewarding, and you’re not alone if you hit a roadblock during your journey. Keep on trucking!

We took you behind the scenes at Jobber

During week 3 we introduced you to a few Jobber team members who work behind the scenes to help entrepreneurs overcome the unique challenges of running a home service business.

Meet Annie, a member of our Product Coaching team!

This comment on Annie’s video made our day:

Jobber Small Business Month Instagram Comment

Watch our 3 video intros with Annie, Kaeli from our People Team, and Megan from our Sales team in this playlist. And meet Mark from our Product Team in this post, and Edward from our Marketing team in this post.

And you took us behind the scenes of your business!

Oh Deer_Instagram_Horizontal

We asked you to share photos of you and your crew at work as a fun way to hand out Starbuck’s gift cards, and you shared photos of your hardest working team members ? Thanks for this sweet post, Oh Deer Cape Cod.

Jobber Small Business Month

You also shared your struggles. This was a comment on our Founders Stories interview with Clearview Washing, and yes, Christine sent Tera her questions! #community

Pricing Poll Results-Cropped

And you told us where you stand on pricing in an Instagram poll. Happy that most of you feel that you don’t have to compete on price, and for those that do, be sure to watch our Ask an Expert on cashflow.

Search the #jobbersmallbizmonth hashtag on Instagram or Facebook to see all the posts by Jobber and our awesome community!

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Check It Out

1000 consumers told us what they think about small businesses

May 6-10 was Small Business Week in the US—which inspired us to expand the spirit of that week to a whole month, and include our global Jobber community. We released a Small Business Statistics 2019 report to celebrate ?

Here’s our favorite stat from the report:

Do you feel that small businesses are important to the health of the local community?

Another one: 41% of consumers told us they’re willing to pay more for services from a local small business, but… 50% of consumers may go with another service provider if a small business is slow to respond. Great consumer behaviour insights!

Check out the full report to learn more about what consumers think of your small business.

We asked experts to spill their knowledge

Why make the same mistakes another entrepreneur has already made? For our Ask an Expert Facebook Live series, we interview industry pros to download their knowledge and insights on a variety of topics ranging from employee retention, to marketing, to bidding and closing the sale—and much more!

Wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey, they’ve been there and have solid advice to pass on! Here was our lineup for #jobbersmallbizmonth:

  • Company Culture and Employee Engagement with Royce Ard of My Amazing Maid
  • Running a Paid Facebook Campaign with Rafael Valdez of Jobber
  • Using Social Media to Grow Your Business with the Pool Chasers
  • Bidding and Closing the Sale with Michael Bedell of Bedell Property Management
  • Cash Flow Strategies with Quan Ly of McRally Accounting

You can watch all their lives in our handy Ask an Expert playlist.

We also rounded up a bunch of their takeaways in a few posts if you’re more of a reader:

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