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Jobber App 3.41: Team View Available Now

Scheduling the way you expect: side-by-side availability in the Jobber app so you can see who’s free—on the spot.

How do you schedule in 2018?

Team view is a new view in the Jobber app that gives you the information you need up front, so you can make fast and accurate scheduling decisions in the field. Using the team icon in the top left corner:

1) Pick whose schedules you want to compare

2) See who’s free for the work

3) Tap to schedule a new task or job


Easily toggle back and forth between your schedule and your team’s schedule, and we’ll automatically save your view preference.


78% of Jobber app users consider it important to be able to schedule while in the field or outside of the office.


Why we built team view

It started with solid input from our customers through surveys and interviews.

“We asked Jobber app users what was most important for them to be able to do in the app while working out in the field,” explains Bob, product manager for the development team behind team view. “They told us scheduling was very important, but not very easy to do, so we decided to focus on improving scheduling in the app.”

Scheduling in the Jobber app
Bob (top left), Sean, Chris, Tyler, Josh, Zak—the development team behind team view.

A lot of software out there promises you that scheduling jobs in their app will be easy, but gloss over how many steps it will take you to actually see who on your team is free to do the work. We want you to have all the details you need up front to make better scheduling decisions in the field.

It’s a feature many customers have suggested to us, and simply put, having the information you need before you try to book the job is what business owners expect when it comes to scheduling.

Enter: team view.

Get to back to new requests faster

We’ve all heard the saying: “Time is money.” So the faster you can get a job booked in the better. Team view lets you find the best person, day, and time to get it done.


Let’s say you’re out in the field and receive a phone call from a VIP client for a job that requires a service visit tomorrow:

No need to play phone tag, just pull up your trusty Jobber app. The side-by-side view lets you see who can be there when they requested.


*Vibrate* Incoming text for a job that’s got to be done today *Vibrate*:

Use the progress indicator to quickly get a feel for how much each team member has on their plate and how far along they are on their work—at a glance it shows what’s completed out of the total amount assigned to them that day (e.g., 2/7 → 2 completed of 7 assigned). Get it booked right away, so you can get back to work.


Ever been at a job and had the neighbor ask about your availability for work they need done?

Use team view to give them options for an appointment on the spot. The ability to access your team’s schedule on the spot helps you make informed decisions and improves communication between you and your client.

Update your Jobber app to get in on the action

Our latest Jobber app update (3.41) is now available to all Jobber users. Be sure to install or update your Jobber app from the App Store, or Google Play.

Feel free to also learn more about scheduling and dispatching with Jobber, or the Jobber app.

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