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The New Jobber Referral Program

We’re pretty lucky at Jobber to have such fantastic customers. From the feedback that paves the way for new product features, to recommending Jobber to friends and industry colleagues, our customers are the reason Jobber continues to grow and evolve.


Because of this, we’re very excited to launch the new Jobber Referral Program. We’ve developed a new interface that makes it easier to recommend Jobber. Now when you recommend Jobber, both you and the contact you refer are eligible for a $75 Jobber credit.

To Recommend Jobber Follow These Easy Steps

  1. Login to your Jobber Account and go to your new referral dashboard.
  2. Invite someone new to Jobber by filling out the referral form or by sharing your unique referral URL.
  3. When your contact signs up for Jobber based on your recommendation and has been a paying customer for 2 months, you’ll both receive a $75 Jobber credit.

You can monitor the status of your Jobber referrals at your referral dashboard or contact our team at [email protected].

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