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Jobber Mobile v2.4 – One-Off Job Creation & Scheduling

July 14th, 2016

What's changed in version 2.4?

Effortlessly create and schedule one-off jobs with Jobber Mobile’s new and intuitive job creation.

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One-Off Job Creation

Version 2.4 of Jobber Mobile brings a new calendar for visit scheduling to one-off job creation. Simply tap on the days that you want Jobber to create a visit on.

Making a visit schedule recurring will be added in a future release.

Options such as job description, line items, and invoice reminders can also be set at job creation.


Team Assignment

Selecting team members for newly created jobs has a new interface. Search and select multiple team members before taping on continue.

Removing team members can be done quickly by taping the X next to their name.


Edit Job Line Items

Edit line items on jobs to adjust the services and products anytime you need to.

This includes line items on all jobs, not just newly created jobs.


Additional Resources

For more information on how to use the new updates to Jobber Mobile, see our documentation articles below:

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