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New Feature: Home


Tracking your team’s progress and keeping your day-to-day moving forward is no easy task.

Things get even more complicated when you start juggling numbers, quotes, invoices, appointments, and payments.

If you need more than what you’ve been getting from your normal routine (scrolling through your email history, flipping through spreadsheets, etc.), then look no further.

It’s time to take a look at Jobber Home.

image of jobber's new home screen
Here’s a snapshot of what Jobber Home looks like on mobile and Jobber Online.

Start your day knowing how many appointments are in the queue. Track your team’s progress throughout the day, and keep a pulse on your business’ health whenever you need.

Finish your day knowing exactly how much money is on its way to your bank account Or, get it in seconds with an instant payout.

With Home, you get a high level look at:

  • Requests: new bookings that are in the pipe and waiting to be scheduled
  • Quotes: your sent vs. converted quote ratio
  • Jobs: complete and incomplete jobs and what requires invoicing
  • Invoices: what’s been paid (or unpaid) over the past 30 days
  • Payments: how much money is on its way to your bank account

Get the information you need to make critical decisions the moment you open Jobber online or the mobile app.

What is Jobber Home?

Jobber home is your one place to manage your day on mobile and desktop.

It empowers you to monitor and act on the most time-sensitive aspects of your business––like how today’s appointments are progressing, and how many invoice payments are on their way to your bank account.

With Jobber Home, you can:

  • See what everybody on your team is doing right now, and how much progress they’re making on each job
  • Understand if work for the day is on track and all appointments are accounted for
  • Know which quotes or invoices are falling behind, and send reminders to make sure you get paid
  • And see your expected payment transfer amount and the date that it’s expected to be deposited to your bank account


Who can use Jobber Home?

1. Business owners

As a business owner, you’ll be able to see your day-to-day operations and have a constant pulse on your business and your crews—whether you’re in the office, or on the road.

For example, you’ll be able to see the number of invoices that are awaiting payment and decide to re-send invoices or potentially mark some as ‘bad debt’.

Or, you can check in on how many quotes have (or haven’t) been approved, and decide whether to follow-up personally with clients, or convert approved quotes to jobs.

2. Admins

Your admin team will be able to use Jobber Home to manage crews and time sheets easily. The daily appointment view will show them progress bars with employee names.

image of jobber home
Here's a sneak peek at Jobber Home on your mobile device

They’ll be able to see appointments left to go, active appointments, and completed visits.

That way, if the crew can’t make it to an appointment, they can quickly update the client.

Start a 14-day free trial

Start a 14-day free trial

See how Jobber Home can help you stay organized in the office and in the field.

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