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New Integration: Jobber and FundThrough


Jobber and FundThrough have teamed up to help Canadian businesses quickly and easily manage their cash flow.

Canadian service businesses routinely struggle with the financial pressures of running a business while waiting on large invoices to be paid. Meeting payroll, buying supplies, and securing new business can be a challenge when your waiting to get paid!

FundThrough is Canada’s leading invoice funding platform, empowering Canadian business owners to eliminate cash flow hurdles by advancing payments on outstanding invoices. FundThrough is easy to use, offers credit limits up to $2 million, and provides approvals within 24 hours. With FundThrough you can worry less about your cash flow and more on your customers.

Adding FundThrough to your Jobber account is easy:

1. Sign up for a free FundThrough account here

2. Connect your Jobber and FundThrough accounts

3. Pick an invoice to advance

FundThrough is a strong believer in no hidden fees—funds are available with one simple and transparent weekly fee applied to advances. Fees may vary, but any remaining fees will be waived if you choose to repay early.

FundThrough is only available to companies based in Canada.

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