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Jobber App 3.34: Job Creation Shortcut

Good shortcut: the best backroad to take.
Bad short cut: the aftermath of a haircut.

We’ve added a new shortcut to the Jobber app that you’ll love!


What's new in our latest Jobber app release?

We’ve added a handy shortcut to the Jobber app. Now you can create a new job right from the quick create menu (+ icon).

Land a new job, and need to get started right away? You’ve got options. You can:

  • Create a job from the main menu
  • Convert a quote to a job
  • Add a job from a client’s profile

Update your Jobber app to get in on the action

Our latest Jobber app update (3.34) is now available to all Jobber users. Install or update your Jobber app now from the App Store, or Google Play.

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We’ve got more improvements coming down the pipe that’ll help your team work better in the field, so be sure to keep your Jobber app up to date.

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