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Jobber App 3.36: Schedule On-the-Fly

Jack be nimble. Jack be quick. Jack’s stoked to see his availability at a glance with the Jobber app’s latest update.


See your schedule for the day in a new way

Now you can make scheduling decisions on-the-fly. With the Jobber app’s new day view see when you’re free and tap to book in new work. At a glance you’ll know your availability, you can decide on the best time, and then tap to immediately start scheduling a new task or job.

Really like the original list view in the Jobber app? Don’t fret—you can toggle back and forth between views, and we’ll automatically save your view preference.

A familiar view because you've got enough on your plate

We want to make your life easy. The new day view is inspired by other familiar calendar apps, so you don’t have to think twice when chatting with a client about when you can make it to their house.

Check your schedule quickly + Get back to your customer quickly = A happy customer 🙂

If you're keeping track of ways to book a job in the Jobber app...

You guessed it—this also means you have three four different options for creating a job right in the Jobber app! If you land a new job, and need to get started right away you can:

  • Tap an open spot in your schedule *new*
  • Create a job from the quick create menu (+ icon)
  • Convert a quote to a job
  • Add a job from a client’s profile

Update your Jobber app to get in on the action

Our latest Jobber app update (3.36) is now available to all Jobber users. Be sure to install or update your Jobber app from the App Store, or Google Play.

Feel free to also learn more about scheduling and dispatching with Jobber, or the Jobber app.

Don't miss a change...

We’ve got more improvements coming down the pipe that’ll help your team work better in the field, so be sure to keep your Jobber app up to date.

Excited about this new update or other Jobber features? We’d love to hear your feedback on Capterra.



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