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Introducing Client Hub

Offer your clients 24/7 support, minus the back-and-forth, with Jobber’s self-serve, online experience.


In today’s world ordering the food you crave, catching a ride across town, or hiring a business to get the job done are all just a click away—and you’ve got options. That’s why building strong relationships with your clients matters now, more than ever.

If you’ve been looking for a better way to connect with your clients—look no further. Today we’re happy to announce that client hub and work requests are now available.

Why your clients (and you!) will love client hub

Client hub is a self-serve, online experience that lets you support your clients at their convenience, no extra emails or phone calls required.

Clients can log in to your client hub to view current and past quotes, invoices, and receipts whenever they need. They can check on which invoices they’ve paid, which are waiting to be paid, and easily make payments.

You no longer have to field phone calls and email requests for lost records, and your clients get the satisfaction of working with a transparent business they can trust.

Work requests for the win

With our new work requests feature your clients can also submit requests for work through your client hub. You can also add the work request form to your website or social media channels to collect new leads.

Review all of your work requests in Jobber and quickly convert them into quotes or jobs to get to work faster!


This is a great way to communicate with you and ask questions and make requests. Thank you for making it so easy!

Homeowner Quote

Why we built client hub

Jobber customers told us they have trouble providing consistent customer service because they’re pressed for time. They have too many requests coming in, and not enough time to deal with them.

We believe that the relationship you have with your clients is important, and that’s why we built client hub—to help you build better relationships in a fraction of the time.


“Client hub allows clients who are inclined, the ability to easily view and manage their business with us. We love to connect with our clients but anything that saves us administration time adds to our bottom line and allows us to service more people in less time. Thanks Jobber!”

Matt Davis  |   Owner of Adair Tree Care Ltd.


“The Jobber client hub has been more than I ever anticipated! It saved me an hour of work when a local client of mine, overdue on their cleaning bill (about 8 invoices behind) couldn’t find record of them in their email inbox.  All I had to do was send them 1 invoice link and they could view their service history in client hub.  There are no passwords, login info, or usernames for them to remember. ”

Kris Cook   |   President of KC Power Clean Inc.


Thanks! We turned on client hub before billing last week. Over 350 emails sent announcing the hub. Many payments already processed. Clients paying passed due invoices by using the hub.
So... it works! Love it

Christopher Locascio, Owner, Lawn Enforcement Property Management, LLC Quote

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