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New Feature: Field Service Task Automation Powered by Zapier

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Use Zapier to pass information between your favourite apps and Jobber, so you can cut back on busywork and information errors.

You save a ton of time using Jobber, and now you can save even more! Say goodbye to tedious everyday tasks you complete using various apps with our new Zapier integration.

Zapier is here to help you save time moving information automatically between Jobber and 1,500+ web apps. It’s a whole new level of field service automation.

Start building faster processes when all your tools talk to each other. Zapier allows you to keep your information up to date without manual or duplicate entry.

The best part? You don’t need a developer to set up automated tasks, and Jobber has created sample Zaps to get you started.

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Use task automation to alert your team when they are slotted in for work, when a quote gets approved, or when invoices get paid, for example.

Here’s why task automations matter for field service business owners:

1. Field service automations reduce busywork

You want to look professional every moment of the day and make sure your clients know that. It can be tough when you’re busy on the jobsite all day. Not anymore! Use Zapier to help you look more professional by automating tasks that help you stand out in your clients eyes. Zapier will pass information from Jobber to another app automatically so you don’t need to worry about it.

For example, when you create a client in Jobber, Zapier will automatically send them a welcome email through your Gmail account.

Or, create a quote or invoice in Jobber and Zapier will share that information with your team through your favourite messaging apps, like Slack. That way, you never have to wonder if your team is on the same page as you.

Set up as many configurations between apps as you like.

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2. Automations help avoid duplicate entries and misplaced information

Duplicated data is dreadful. You’ve made gains avoiding it with Jobber, and Zapier can help you avoid it across all your apps.

You’ll never have to worry about misplacing or losing track of contacts across different apps again. Now, you’ll be able to keep track of everyone everywhere, and have all their information in Jobber with a fraction of the effort.

For example, if you get a call from a prospective client and add them to your Google address book, Zapier can add that contact as a client in Jobber for you.

What apps does Zapier integrate with Jobber?

Zapier integrates over 1,500 web apps such as MailChimp, QuickBooks Online, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Forms, WordPress, Microsoft Office 365, Slack, Facebook pages, and more!

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* This feature requires a free Zapier account and is only available on our Grow plans.

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