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Discount Line Items


We’ve always had global discounts in Jobber, but we’ve been hearing from many of you that you want discounts to be more flexible. After working hard on it, we are happy to announce our newest feature: Discount Line Items!

Discount Line Items means that you can now put negative amounts in your work items in Jobber. This can do several useful things that were previously tough to do using the single discount:

  • Easily add discounts to the Job level, and have them transfer onto the invoice automatically.
  • Add several itemized discounts to a single Invoice, Quote, or Job.
  • Add “descriptions” to discounts to better communicate with your customers.
  • Add a discount or credit to your Services and Products so Jobber remembers it, and you can reuse it whenever you need!

How Does it Work?

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say I want to put a referral credit on an invoice and that it’s very important that I note who they referred to me.

Instead of just throwing a generic $50 discount on the invoice, we can actually put in a description telling the customer exactly why they are getting the discount. We’ll set the price to negative fifty dollars and Jobber does the rest.


If I find that I’m adding a lot of referral credits, maybe I will actually add it to my services and product settings so I can call it up on a Quote, Job, or Invoice whenever I need it.


If you want to read more about how discounts work in Jobber, be sure to read our documentation.

There are hundreds of ways people can use these new Discount Line Items, and if you can think of some good ones be sure to post them in the comments below.



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