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New: Appointments in Client Hub

Appointment Details in Client Hub

Client hub just got better—and so did your customer service.

Your clients can now access appointment details in client hub. Clients will see the date, time, and address of their past and upcoming appointments, and will see the name and photo of any team members assigned to the work.

You’ll look professional, and clients will feel comfortable knowing who is coming to their home to complete the service.

Why we added appointments to client hub

Jobber development team behind appointments in client hub.
Darryl (top left), Katie-Lynn, Clint, Jordan, Freddy, Harris, Dave, Kate, Jessica—the development team behind appointments in client hub.

This addition to client hub was based on research and conversations with Jobber customers. “In our research, we identified an opportunity to increase trust between service providers using Jobber and their clients,” explains Kate Moore Hermes, one of the Product Managers working on this feature.

“Appointment details in client hub means more visibility, transparency, and trust with customers. Trust ultimately means stronger relationships between service providers and their clients. And this, paired with self-serve access to the details clients need, means Jobber customers using client hub are providing next level customer service—which is exactly what we want to help them do.”

Giving your clients quick access to the information they need access to is a double win for both you and your clients!

24/7 customer service experience

Since client hub’s launch, we’ve continued to add functionality to improve communication and transparency with your clients—all while cutting down the back-and-forth emails and calls. In client hub, your clients have 24/7 access to approve and sign quotes, pay outstanding invoices, print receipts, or request more work. And now, with the ability to see appointment details in client hub, all the information your client needs is in one place.

More routine aspects of your client communication are automated and easily accessible by your clients at any time. This frees up your time for valuable customer service activities. Spend time with the clients who require more attention, follow up with clients after appointments, or build relationships with new clients!

Getting the most out of appointments in client hub

The easiest way to loop your clients in on upcoming appointments and have them view these appointments in client hub is to send client reminders right from Jobber.

Schedule and automate an email a week before a visit, and send a text message the day before—whatever works best for you. When clients receive the message they can confirm their appointment and view all upcoming appointments in client hub.

If you’re not using client reminders, or would like to learn more about how you can customize them, then check out how reminders can work for your business. Or, you can head over to your client reminder settings to set up your notifications right away.

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