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New Feature: Quote Follow-Ups

You’ve made a great first impression with your prospect, provided them with a detailed quote, and now you’re waiting on them to approve the work. It’s time to follow up!

We know that following up on your quotes is an important part of your business processes. Following up demonstrates your commitment to customer service and helps you win more work.

This is why Jobber has always given you a way to track quotes that are sent, approved, and awaiting response. With the latest update to Jobber, we’re making following up on quotes even easier.

Take advantage of an automated sales process that helps you win more work with less effort—introducing quote follow-ups.

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What are quote follow-ups?

Quote follow-ups are an automatic way for you to send emails and texts to your prospects who haven’t approved a quote yet.

Follow-ups are sent to prospects whose quotes are in the “awaiting response” status. You choose what to include in your default message, the number of follow-up messages to be sent, and on what days/times you’d like them to be sent—Jobber takes care of the rest.

Quote Follow-Up software
A quote follow-up text message with a one-click link to approve the quote in Jobber's client hub.

With this automation added to your toolkit, it will feel like sales are closing themselves.

Jobber sends the message but you make it stand out

Jobber gives you the tools to build scalable processes, but it’s still your business and brand that are going to separate you from the competition. When sending the perfect quote follow-up, there are a few things to consider.

So, how do you make your follow-up messages stand out? We’ve compiled a few of our top tips and best practices:

1. Monitor when you send your follow-up emails

Following up at the right time after sending a quote is crucial to helping you get a response. Several studies have shown that the best time to send an email is in the morning, since most people check their email then.

With quote follow-ups in Jobber, you decide the time when the message is sent.

When you start sending your follow-ups, see how the timing is working for your response rate and adjust as needed.

2. Be personal and friendly

Being professional doesn’t mean that you can’t show your personality. Write your follow-ups in a way that represents your brand and business.

Where possible, make the messages unique to the recipient as well. For example, in Jobber you can set up personalization in your templates to include your prospects’ first name in the subject line and body of an email.

3. Keep your message short and sweet

You can be polite and get straight to the point at the same time.

By the time you’re sending a follow-up email, you’ve already provided your client with all the information they need to approve the quote. Now, you’re sending them a reminder in case the quote has fallen off their radar.

There is no need to write a long-winded sales email. Keep it short, sweet, and make the email digestible for your prospect to read.

4. Provide a clear call-to-action

The purpose of the follow-up email is to ask your prospect to take action (approve the quote). Make sure it’s easy for them to do so.

Fortunately, if your follow-up messages are coming from Jobber, your message will already include a link to client hub where your prospect can review the quote, approve and sign, or request changes in just 3 clicks.

Additionally, you may want to consider including other important contact information in your follow-up template to make it easy for your prospect to get in touch.

Getting started with quote follow-ups

Quote follow-ups are available on the Grow plan, a plan businesses  looking to add sales and marketing automation tools to their business toolkit. Ready to get started? Book an appointment to chat with one of our product specialists to see if Jobber is right for you.

Already using Jobber? Chat with a member of our success team by using the chat bubble in Jobber or you can give our team at 1.888.721.1115

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