Estimate templates are essential for maintaining consistency and efficiency. They help you keep your tree care business organized while on the jobsite. Plus, they inform your clients about what they’re about to pay for when you convert the estimate to a quote.

Use this template as an estimate guideline that you can convert to a quote and an invoice down the road. It takes care of the complicated stuff like formatting, information fields, line items, automated calculations, and business information. Once you download the form and share it with your team, your estimating and quoting will be smooth sailing.



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What is a tree trimming estimate template?

A tree trimming estimate template is a blank copy of your estimate or quote form that you use as an outline to create more detailed quotes for your prospects during or after a consultation. It can be used as a to-do list for your techs during consultations as well, so they don’t miss anything on the jobsite.

You can find templates as fill-in PDFs, Microsoft Word or Google Docs, Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheets, free quoting tools, or even software like Jobber.

The point of the template is to have a blank form that you can quickly fill out during or after a consultation with a lead. It helps you avoid filling out the same information over and over again (like procedures and protocols, terms, payment periods, or contact information) before handing it over to your client.

It also helps your prospect get an understanding of what’s involved in the project they’re interested in hiring you for. When you can offer your leads a clear estimate or quote, they get a better understanding of your services and your level of professionalism.

Do you need a quote or estimate template?

To make things simple, we recommend having one flexible template that you can use for estimates, quotes, and invoices. That way, you can keep information consistent across the board, and easily convert your final copies as you move through the journey of working with your client.

You can always change the information inside the template by saving a copy of the original and editing it along the way.

How to find the right tree care template to grow your business

The template you use should be flexible enough to allow your techs to use it as a form on the jobsite, and then convert it to a quote. That way you can send a detailed and professional-looking quote to your clients. It shouldn’t force you to constantly create a new outline for every single consultation appointment call you have.

The template should include helpful information for your team as well as the client. That way:

  • Your team has all the account information on hand if they ever need to return to the jobsite.
  • Techs can return to the estimate and update it if they realize the job has more work than initially considered for the scope.
  • Your team has access to products and parts needed to complete the job because they are included in the template.
  • Your client has a solid understanding of the services that were provided and their cost because they were informed early on.
  • Your client knows how to contact you if they wish to hire you for the project, save your business information for later, compare you against your competitors, or would like to refer you to their friend.

Why should you use templates?

  1. Consistent format helps you stay organized and account for all necessary information every time.
  2. They save time by allowing you or your techs to simply fill in fields without additional work.
  3. A copy of a clear estimate helps you track and measure your projected accounts receivable as well as your margins.
  4. They keep your office, team, and technicians organized and accountable
  5. They help your client set realistic expectations. When your quotes are clear and accurate, your client knows exactly what to expect if they decide to hire you.
  6. You and your client will be on the same page if they have any questions before signing on with you.


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