If your tree service business needs new customers, fast, then it might be time to try advertising.

Unlike marketing your tree service business, which includes things like defining your brand, advertising your tree service business means paying to get your message in front of your target customers.

If you haven’t nailed the tree care marketing basics, we suggest you start there.

If you’re ready to start advertising, this guide will help you understand what to consider, how to budget, and the tree care advertising options today.

Tree Service Ads: Questions to Ask Before you Start

1. Who is your target market?

No matter what advertising channel you use – whether it’s Facebook ads, Google ads, HomeAdvisor or a local newspaper – you’ll be asked to define your target market.

Before you even start advertising, write down as much detail as possible about the ideal customer for your tree service business:

  • What specific geographic region do they live in?
  • What type of home or business do they have?
  • What is their income?
  • How old are they? Do they have a family?
  • Where do they spend their free time? (Online? On Facebook or Instagram? Or in person at local community centres?
  • What kinds of tree services do they need?
  • Do they hire other home services, such as landscaping or pool service businesses? (If yes, can you partner with them?)

Write down anything you can think of about your target market. It’ll come in handy as you create your ads, and you can always come back as you test ads to see which assumptions need to be updated.

For example, maybe you thought you’d sell more to retirees who can’t trim their own trees. But after advertising for a while, you’ve realized that pool owners need your services more often, and are willing to pay higher prices. Simply adjust your target market and keep advertising to the right people!

2. What is your USP (unique selling proposition)?

What makes your tree business different from the competition? Or, why would your target market pick you? Make sure you have an answer to this so that you can create compelling tree care ads.

3. What is your monthly advertising budget

Decide how much you’re willing to spend to get a new lead. This is known as your customer acquisition cost or CAC. Next, think about how many new customers you need each month. Multiple your CAC by the desired number of new customers, and that’s your monthly advertising budget.

Write it down and stick to it! Tree service advertising can get pricey, fast.

4. What are your advertising goals?

Why are you advertising in the first place? Is it because you’ve just started a tree care business and don’t have any existing customers to give you referrals? Do you want to promote a new service? Or are you entering a new, highly competitive region and need to stand out from the crowd?

Understanding your goals will help you understand if your ads are working the way you want them to, and if you’re using the right channels.

For example, if you want to build a lead list quickly on a tight budget, Local Service Ads should do the trick. If you’re trying to edge out a big competitor, then you might need a combination of well-designed Facebook and Instagram ads to really stand out.

How to Start and Track your Tree Service Ads

When it comes to implementation, don’t try too many advertising channels at once. You’ll risk burning through your budget with nothing to show for it.

Instead start slow. If you’re new to advertising, pick just one idea from the list below then adjust as needed.

Take notes and track all new leads so you know what’s working. You can do this in a spreadsheet or a CRM (client relationship manager). Here’s what tracking leads looks like in Jobber’s tree service software:

Tree Service Ads: 5 Ideas and Examples

1. Get more tree work with Google

Google offers two types of ads for tree care businesses: Local Services ads (LSA) and Google Ads (formerly known as Adwords).

Local Services ads are digital ads that cater to local service businesses specifically, including tree care professionals.

Google Ads is Google’s larger advertising platform. You can use Google Ads to create text ads, display ads (images) or even video ads.

tree service ads: google examples

Which Google ads option is right for you?

The biggest difference is that with Google Ads, you pay per click (PPC), whereas with Google LSA, you pay per lead (PPL). In theory, this means LSA should have your phone ringing with more qualified leads, but it’s limited to specific searches and regions.

Use Google LSA if you plan to advertise locally, are promoting your tree care business for the first time, or have a small advertising budget. Use Google Ads if you have a larger budget, want to reach a bigger audience, and plan to advertise consistently.

To learn more and how much it costs, read our full Q&A about Local Services ads here.

2. Grow your client list with lead generation sites

Lead generation sites are directories or platforms where potential clients can find your business and contact you. Usually, you pay when a potential client clicks on your website or calls you from one of these sites.

Examples include Yelp, Porch, TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, and Arborists Near Me. We compared them all in this Guide to Lead Generation Sites for Contractors.

Given the many platforms available, you’re likely wondering: “What is the best one?” Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut answer to this question.

In this video, arborist Nick Araya of TreeCareLA breaks down some of the options he’s tried – jump to the five minute mark to see him get into it:

Many tree care professionals have reported excessive pay per lead (PPL) costs on some platforms. In contrast, others have gotten high-qualified phone calls and booked new business right away.

Success seems to vary based on the region, services, and the type of clients you want to attract.

The best way to improve your odds of success are to experiment and invest a little money into each platform to see what works. In other words, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

3. Get creative with Facebook and Instagram tree service ads

If you have a strong tree care brand and you want to get serious about advertising, then Facebook and Instagram can be effective and even fun.

Facebook advertising gives you tons of options and makes it very easy. You can get extremely specific in who you want to target, and then create catchy ads that promote your business page, your website, or boost specific posts.

Here’s an example from Muskogee Tree Trimming’s Facebook page that would work well as a ‘boosted post’ or ad:

Instagram advertising lets you pay to promote stories or posts to users.

Because Instagram is such a visual platform, it’s ideal for creating ads that are image or video-driven. For example, before and after photos, or videos of you working on a tree. Here’s an example from TreeCareLA:


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Nick Araya (@treecarela) on

Either way, you need a Facebook page before you can start advertising on either Facebook or Instagram. Get the no excuses guide to creating a Facebook Business page here.

Pro Tip: Instead of managing your Facebook and Instagram ads separately, you can sync them with your client list, then create, manage, and publish all types of ads in one place, thanks to Jobber and Mailchimp. Learn more about our integration here.

4. Capture customer attention with physical ads

Depending on your region, offline advertising might be more effective than digital advertising. Examples include going door-to-door (e.g., flyers and door hangers) and using postcard marketing.

The only way to know if this will work for your tree care business is to understand your target market.

Using door hangers is an easy way to start, but you need lots of time and a really attention-grabbing offer, or else people might throw them in with the junk.

Postcards, on the other hand, can be mailed out by the hundreds and they have more emotional value in a time when people are bombarded with emails and online ads daily.

Postcards can help you stand out by offering a nostalgic and personal touch that makes potential clients feel valued. You can use them to promote a new service, reconnect with someone who hasn’t heard from you in a while, and grow your lead list with a referral program.

Here’s some inspiration from Prime Advertising. You can use ready-made templates on Mailchimp to make something similar:

tree service postcard ad

To learn more about postcard marketing and how to get started, read our guide to postcard marketing.

5. Collect leads in person at local gardening or cottage shows

Setting up booths at a local gardening or cottage shows or speaking at local events helps build your presence and establishes you as a local tree service expert.

Logan Tree Experts used this strategy to build their online presence, get more leads, and close more sales.

“People will say, ‘yeah, I heard about Logan Tree Experts in the news,’ or they’ll Google us and see us speaking at the Cottage Life Show,” explains Tracy Logan. “It’s really helped towards building our name.”

Partner with local business associations, gardening centres, and trade shows to find out about speaking opportunities.

In terms of cost, you’ll likely be asked to pay for a booth and you’ll have to design and pay for your own banners and flyers.

Keep track of how much you spend and how many interested leads you get from trade shows to see if this is an effective advertising strategy for you.

Get Started with Tree Service Ads Today

Tree service advertising is an important tactic to get new customers, especially if you’re just starting out or you want to grow your business fast.

Just make sure you’re crisp on your advertising goals and what methods you’ll use to achieve them.

And remember, start small: use no more than three advertising methods simultaneously to remain focused and adjust only as needed.

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