If you have team members in the field, company vehicles to fuel, and tight appointment windows to make, then you need a real-time fleet management system to improve and organize it all.

In the video below, we’ll show you exactly how fleet management software such as FleetSharp can help you dispatch your crews efficiently, reduce fuel costs, and shorten appointment windows through real-time location sharing.

Join FleetSharp’s Sean Carson and Jobber’s Rebecca Kapler to see FleetSharp’s integration with Jobber live in action. They’ll cover how to:

  • Shorten appointment windows, save fuel, and maximize your schedule
  • Respond quickly to urgent requests by assigning the closest available team member
  • Get instant reports and safety scorecards on the speed, condition, direction and fuel level of every vehicle in your fleet to improve driver safety
  • Set up FleetSharp within Jobber so all your core business operations are in one place

“We had been using a different GPS tracking system before, but the use of multiple programs was inconvenient. With Jobber’s integration with FleetSharp, we now have all our core business operations and the ability to keep tabs on our seven vehicles all in one place. This is easily saving an hour a day in tracking time savings alone.” – Alex Voloshin, Owner, Royal Gutters

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* FleetSharp devices are currently only available to customers with US shipping addresses. Shipping to Canadian addresses coming in Spring 2020.