3 Common Mistakes Made by Lawn Care Business Owners

Running a lawn care business can be very rewarding, but it comes with some unique challenges.

Jobber Academy teamed up with Jason Creel of the Lawn Care Life YouTube channel to cover some of the most common mistakes that lawn care business owners make.

3 Common Lawn Care Business Mistakes:

Mistake #1: Often, lawn care business owners don’t start with a plan. If you want to be successful in the lawn care business, you need a general idea of where your business is going and what it should look like in a few years from now. (If you need help writing your plan, check out this resource from Jobber Academy)f

Mistake #2: Lawn care business owners understand how to handle the day-to-day, but don’t understand how to market their business. Jason recommends being a student of marketing: look both inside and outside the lawn care industry for marketing inspiration.

Mistake #3: A lot of lawn care business owners don’t want to let go of the work and want to control every single aspect of their business. You’re limited in the amount of money you can make if you want to control all of the work as the owner.


“There can be a lot of confusion and lack of direction if there isn't a real business plan.”

- Jason Creel Quote

About Jason Creel

Jason is a lawn care business expert who is building his 3rd lawn care business, Alabama Lawn Pros.

Jason has helped thousands of people find success with their lawn care business. You’ll find hundreds of videos, expert advice, and great discussion at the Lawn Care Life YouTube Channel.

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