How to Price Lawn Care Services

Pricing your services (and ensuring a profit) is one of the most important aspects of running a successful lawn care business.

Jobber Academy teamed up with Jason Creel of the Lawn Care Life YouTube channel. Jason shares expert advice on steps you can take to properly price your lawn care services.

In the video, pricing is broken down how to price mowing services and how to price weed control services. The video is packed with great info and we provide a few highlights below:

Pricing lawn mowing services

To price your services correctly, Jason recommends thinking about your expenses. For mowing services, your biggest expense will be labor, and this is especially true as your team grows. So when pricing mowing services, think about how long each job will take and the hourly rate you need to make per employee.

When it comes to setting your price, don’t be the cheapest provider. If you’re services are cheap, you’ll attract customers that view you as a discount provider. When selling your lawn care services, focus on selling the quality and dependability of your company.

Pricing weeding and fertilization services

Pricing weed control services is different than pricing mowing services because the biggest expense is the product you’re applying. The bigger the yard, the more product you’re using.

So when pricing weed control and fertilization, the price you set will be mostly on the square footage of the lawn.


Make sure that each individual job is profitable. The last thing you want to do is take on unprofitable accounts.

Jason Creel Quote

About Jason Creel

A big thanks to Jason for his contribution to Jobber Academy. Jason is a lawn care business expert who is building his 3rd lawn care business, Alabama Lawn Pros.

Jason has helped thousands of people find success with their lawn care business. You’ll find hundreds of videos, expert advice, and great discussion at the Lawn Care Life YouTube Channel.

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