4 Tips on Hiring and Managing Lawn Care Employees

As your lawn care or landscape business starts growing you’ll start to think about hiring employees or working with contractors to help you keep up with demand.

Needing to hire employees is exciting because it means that your business is growing (awesome!) While this can be an exciting time, finding good staff and motivating them to stay with your company are some of the biggest challenges you’ll face as a business owner.

We asked Jason Creel, a good friend of Jobber, and the expert behind the Lawn Care Life YouTube Channel to share some of his top tips for finding and managing lawn care employees. In this video, Jason covers 4 tips that are applicable to any home service business:

  1. Pay your employees well and you’ll attract better talent. A couple of dollars an hour can make a difference in the quality of employee you can attract.
  2. Set employee expectations with new employees as soon as they start. Jason recommends having an employee handbook or document that covers everything new employees need to know.
  3. If possible, hire someone that has experience in the lawn care or landscaping industry.
  4. Find new ways to show your best employees that you appreciate them. Remember, good employees are a big part of the success of your growing business!

“Sometimes lawn care business owners look at the employees as the enemy, like they are against us. And, really, an employee is a benefit to a company!”

Jason Creel Quote

About Jason Creel

A big thanks to Jason for his contribution to Jobber Academy. Jason is a lawn care business expert who is building his 3rd lawn care business, Alabama Lawn Pros.

Jason has helped thousands of people find success with their lawn care business. For more great advice from Jason, check out other collaborations between Jason and Jobber Academy.

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