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Repelling Pests and Making Gains: Using Tech to Grow 1800% in 5 Years

David Mulcahy’s pest control business grew astronomically. Find out how Dave solved critical challenges that led to 1800% growth in five years.

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David Mulcahy’s pest control business grew at a speed that all entrepreneurs dream of. However, the toll it took on his personal life during the early stages of starting his business were a nightmare.

He is the President and Franchise owner of ohDeer – South Shore, a company that provides a safe, natural, and effective way to control deer, ticks, and mosquitoes on your property. He started his first franchise in 2014 with about 50 accounts.

Today, David has grown his pest control business to:

  • 920 active clients
  • 8 Trucks serving clients
  • +500 quotes to process each season
  • Hire an administrative agency to take on phone calls from leads and clients

That’s incredibly fast growth, which is stressful enough. At the same time, those 920 clients are far from one-and-done jobs. They all have sprayings that need to be repeated every 3 or 4 weeks.

What’s the secret to David’s success?

David says finding scalable processes and systems to help him manage the day-to-day is the reason he’s been able to grow ohDeer – South Shore into what it is today.

Using Jobber to manage everything is invaluable. Coupling the right tech with outsourcing administration helped David transform OhDeer – South Shore into a thriving pest control business.

The Journey to 1800% Growth

David Mulcahy, owner of ohDeer - South Shore
David Mulcahy, owner of ohDeer - South Shore

Like most entrepreneurs in the early days, David found himself doing pretty much everything during those chaotic first years of business. He was out in the field doing the work, training others how to do it properly, managing his employees, and answering all of the calls and doing all the quotes.

Unfortunately, ohDeer’s workload and fast growth didn’t leave any room for work-life-balance

“I got married in 2014 when we started the business. After a few great years, we had our first son on March 29th, 2017. That year I didn’t see my family much until July 4” said David.“I was working from 5 AM until 10 PM.”

He and his family survived those first few years. However, he knew that there was no way he could do that again the following season.


I got married in 2014 when we started the business. After a few great years, we had our first son on March 29th, 2017. That year I didn't see my family much until July 4th. I was working from 5 AM until 10 PM.

Dave Mulcahy Quote

“We just couldn’t do it again. There was no way. We did 500 quotes and we converted 75% of them. There was just no way that I could do the scheduling and get everything up and running. We needed to find a way to maintain our quality of service in the field and in the office.”

His first step in reclaiming his time while starting the business was to bring Jobber into the mix to handle quoting, scheduling, and administrative tasks that were eating up his day. He knew his time could be better spent elsewhere.

“If I didn’t do literally everything when we started, we wouldn’t be where we are today. But at the same time, the business can make a lot more money if I spend my time elsewhere and put the right people in place.

“That’s what Jobber allowed us to do,” he added.


The business can make a lot more money if I spend my time elsewhere and put the right people in place. That’s what Jobber allowed us to do.

Dave Mulcahy Quote

An Outsourced Solution with a Family-Business Feel

The second way David was able to free up his time was to bring on Pink Callers, a remote phone and administrative service, to handle ohDeer’s huge volume of phone calls from current and prospective customers.

“We needed them to take our phones. Every phone call that we could possibly imagine,” said David.

The only way Pink Callers was going to help his company was if:

  1. It would work hand-in-hand with Jobber
  2. They could learn ohDeer’s complex job quoting process and schematics
  3. There would be no drop in customer service

Pink Callers was able to tick all three boxes. But more importantly, they were able to fully onboard the company in only 15 days.

It was also a top priority that the Pink Caller agents personified the ohDeer company culture. They didn’t use aggressive sales tactics, and simply having a conversations with ohDeer’s customers about their needs.

Even though ohDeer was outsourcing their calls, they still wanted the voice at the other end to have a family-business-feel. Today, David jokes that it may have worked too well.

“Most of my clients think that the Pink Caller’s voice is most likely my wife. They’ve mentioned it to me before and say, ‘Your wife is so nice on the phone.’”

Scalability was also a huge deal-breaker for David. He needed solutions that could be ramped up or down based on the demand or the season.

“We really go from zero to 60. In April we start our tick and mosquito season and I literally go from one employee to eight employees overnight. And the phone calls start immediately. That’s our new clients as well as new prospective clients.

He added, “This calendar year alone we have done 563 quotes.”

Grow by Working on the Business Instead of in the Business

Today, ohDeer’s day-to-day operations look a lot different than they did during that tumultuous first year. First and foremost, they have more trucks on the road serving more customers.

However, the biggest difference is likely that David can focus on high-level tasks that drive the business forward, and still make it home in time to spend time with his family.

“You know, we’re all entrepreneurs and we’re always on the clock. But Jobber and Pink Callers were able to get me out of the repetitive little tasks and help me spend my time on things that make us more money,” said David.

“As an owner, I can work on the business instead of in the business.”

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