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Learn how Jobber helps save this window cleaning company 5 hours of work per day. Here is Kyle Jensen describing his experience.

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Seattle, Washington

Business Overview

Squeegee Pros is a professional window cleaning company operating in the Greater Seattle area. With 6 years of experience, Squeegee Pros services professional buildings and residential houses. Squeegee pros use non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning solutions when working in the field for both exterior and interior windows.

Learn how Jobber’s window cleaning software helps save this company 5 hours of work per day.

Jobber and Squeegee Pros

The main thing that I like about Jobber is the calendar. I like to color code all of my workers. But I also like the work tab and the management tab.

The email communications in Jobber are great, I can send an estimate to a customer then check back later and see if the customer actually opened it. If they didn’t I can shoot them a call and see if they actually received the email because sometimes it can go into their spam box.

Before Jobber

It was a battle finding the right software for my business. I have tried so many programs, so finding an all in one software that could do invoicing, job estimates and job tracking management was one of the biggest challenges I had for a long time.

When I first saw Jobber I thought it had a great design. The speed of everything was fast and fluent. It does a lot but at the same time, it’s simple and not cluttered. I didn’t really need to watch tutorials, you can just get going on it.

After Jobber

The first time I heard about Jobber was from Window Cleaning Resource. It’s a window cleaning forum and window store. Basically, Jobber helps to declutter my mind. It keeps everything organized and it organizes my entire business in an easy format that’s available anywhere because it’s cloud-based.

The Best Thing About Jobber

I would describe Jobber as a simple and easy to use CRM software that organizes your entire business. I’ve tried a number of other CRMs that took a long time to learn and just didn’t work well. In the past, I even used cards with customers names written in a calendar book. I’ve also used Customer Factor and in general, I’ve tried a lot of other software programs before finding Jobber. It’s unfathomable how many hours Jobber saves me.

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