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Pro Star Housekeeping Services

Anna Anderson from Pro Star Housekeeping Services describes how Jobber has made her business more efficient.

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Brighton, UK

Anna Anderson’s company was on the verge of closure – until she started using Jobber. Now, Pro Star Housekeeping Services is more profitable than ever.

Business Overview

Pro Star Housekeeping is a commercial and domestic cleaning service operating in the South Coast region of England. Pro Star Housekeeping distinguishes itself from their competitors by ensuring their maintenance division regularly undertakes repairs and certification requirements.

Pro Star Housekeeping Services and Jobber

We researched an alternative to Salesforce. We were looking for a CRM that handled field management. Staffing office people was a big expense along with office space. We were growing larger and we needed something to handle our operations.

I would say that the main benefit of Jobber would be having everything available in one system. Everyone is able to be on the same page without incurring a massive expense. All of the history, attachments and documentation for clients and properties are in one place and easy to find.

Before Jobber

Before Jobber,  my salary was zero for having worked in excess of 2,600 hours in the year.  But even worse my company was facing closure, it got so bad that eventually my accountants didn’t even bother processing end of year accounts for me. They foresaw closure within a matter of weeks after the new year.  All this mess was due to using the wrong operating systems. I wish I had heard about Jobber earlier!

After Jobber

Getting started with Jobber was easier than I initially thought. The majority of our staff only needed minimal training. Overall because of Jobber I’d say I’m saving £105,886.80 a year. Jobber has literally turned my business and life around.

The Best Thing About Jobber

Invoicing is the main feature that gave me a wow experience because it’s so simple. We were initially using Sage before for invoicing but now we only use Jobber. I love how the information from Jobber is carried over from our scheduled jobs, so no double entries.



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