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One Call Clean Out

Michael Friedman tells us how Jobber has helped his junk removal business.

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11 Years Old

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Telford, PA

Business Overview

One Call Clean Out prides themselves on their unique business model. This junk removal service is doing things differently when it comes to disposing of items from customer’s properties through environmentally conscious methods that includes recycling and donating unwanted items. Leaving a small environmental footprint and an even smaller fee for their customers.

One Call Clean Out and Jobber

One day I was on QuickBooks Online looking for apps. That’s when I saw Jobber. I said let’s see what this thing can do. When I opened it up I instantly knew it was exactly what I was looking for.

Before Jobber

Creating systems and organizing everything was our biggest issue when first starting out. There weren’t any good service based software programs that I came across that were easy-to-use and that were intuitive, so I had to improvise with other systems. Which means there was always errors and sometimes things wouldn’t function properly. With some programs I tried using, things would jam up or give out the wrong information. So we would just resort to writing on a piece of paper. So that affected scheduling and customer retention and follow-up. And that’s why I am so thankful for Jobber because I think that you guys nailed it.

After Jobber

Jobber is easy-to-use I can train all of my employees on it. I can also communicate to all my employees on it. We can stay on top of our customers better and know what’s going on at all times, that has been huge to use. Having the ability send follow up emails to clients is also great. A trick I like to do is put a link to certain review sites that are important to our company in the receipts asking customers if they liked their service, to leave us a review and it’s been working for us.

The Best Thing About Jobber

I really like how jobs work in Jobber. It’s great how you can schedule the job and put a description of that particular job. After you’re done with the job you can just click a button and it’s an invoice. That’s what I always wanted from day one. So the job entry is great, it’s a streamlined process.



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