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New Era Pest Control

Monty Deane describes how Jobber helped solve his problems in the pest control industry.

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The Problem

Complicated service software programs that cause more pain than relief

Operating since 1991, New Era Pest Control searched long and hard for a software solution that would allow them to be more organized, and provide a streamlined process for their billing. Unfortunately, the first time isn’t always the charm. After trying almost everything that’s out there, Monty Deane, owner of New Era Pest Control found that many programs he tried caused more frustration than relief. “The main problem I found was that every software program we tried to use was more of a headache, especially when figuring out how to use it properly. So for a couple years, it was just a manual process that would slow us down. Another thing I noticed was that a lot of software programs out there are ridiculously priced for no reason.”

Finding the right software for New Era Pest Control wasn’t the only problem Monty had. Monty wanted a way to show his customers how much they’d be spending on a particular service or job before his technicians arrived at their house. “It’s funny because there are still a lot of software companies out there that can’t provide you with the ability to create a quote for your customers. People want to know exactly how much you’ll be charging them, as they should.”

The Solution

Jobber, an all-in-one solution minus the headache

After discovering Jobber through an online search, Monty finally found a field service software that would organize all of his work, and at the same time was easy-to- use. “I like a clean look and something that is organized and very intuitive. A lot of software programs out there make it hard to find what you’re looking for, whether it’s a quote or a client. Jobber is very clean and everything you need is just right there in front of you.

Monty can now send his clients a quote before arriving at their house. That’s not the only feature he loves in Jobber: “I love the work area, it shows you what jobs are active and what requires invoicing. That’s probably the best thing about Jobber; as a company owner, I like to look at an area in Jobber and see as much information as possible.”

After dealing with horrible customer service from other service software companies, Monty was surprised at the response time at which Jobber’s support staff replied to his questions and concerns. “Jobbers technical support is great. With other software companies that I tried out, I found that if I had an issue with something then I would have to leave an email message and wait for 48 hours to even get a response. Sometimes customer support would cost an extra fee. Jobber’s support is free and they respond to me right away.”

Something Monty wasn’t expecting was that he would be able to make more money just by using Jobber. “When customers are due for service Jobber will display that to me. I found that I was losing a lot of business before because I just wouldn’t realize what I needed to do. I have probably 600 customers that I serve on a yearly basis. If we don’t know what’s left to service at the end of the month then we won’t get everything done. So if you don’t know what needs to get done, then you’re kind of in a limbo at the end of the month, and it can make you lose money.”

Monty isn’t the only one who’s happier after using Jobber, his customers are too “Anything that we communicate with our customers looks one hundred percent professional. I would never want our outgoing communication to look outdated, I want it to look like were in the modern times, so our customers love that about Jobber.”

Best of all – Jobber saves Monty time, so he can dedicate more of his resources to actually growing his business and customer base. “With the time that Jobber saves me, I can use it to focus on sending out newsletters to our customers or just focusing on our relationships with our customers in general.”

If you own a service business then you can relate to the problems Monty faced before becoming a Jobber user. Try Jobber for free and discover how Jobber can help manage your business more efficiently.

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