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The Marketing Power of a Super Clear Service Offering

New Jersey-based cleaning business, 10 Bucks a Room, explains how they've grown a huge client list by simplifying how they market their cleaning company.

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When the name of your company literally says it all, that strong simple message may not only trigger a growing list of customers, it could also be a winning formula to take to other markets.

10 Bucks A Room is the brainchild of Maany Silva. She arrived in the U.S. from Brazil when she was 18-years-old, and because she had cleaned houses with her mother back in Brazil, getting into the same line of business was natural.

Keeping it simple from the start

“We’re not maids, we think that’s derogatory. We’re professional cleaners. And we want our workers to be respected,” says Aziza Hana, the office manager for the East Brunswick, New Jersey-based business.

Hana has been with Silva since 10 Bucks A Room was born. She says Silva had a simple idea: she noticed that many aspects of the cleaning service industry were unnecessary, so she followed her instincts and decluttered it, simplifying the process to make it convenient for customers.

Silva sat down and came up with a rate that’s fair and affordable. She figured that to clean a regular room, not including kitchens and bathrooms, it would cost $10 including taxes and supplies.

“Customers really like that when they call and they want to know how much cleaning is and we just give them a price over the phone,” says Hana, adding that there are clear expectations and no surprises when it comes time to pay.

how to market your cleaning company
Maany Silva, owner of 10 Bucks a Room.

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Investing in a mobile billboard

When Silva founded 10 Bucks a Room in 2012 it was based simply on her idea and her hard work. But the name said it all and that became a strong brand.

Hana says all they had at first was a logo—which they put on t-shirts, business cards and a vehicle. “We parked the van in local grocery store lots where a lot of people could see it. And we got calls the first day,” says Hana. “And it’s been growing ever since.”

Now the company has six professional cleaners and more than 3,000 customers. And they are looking to expand.


The branding really drives the business. People didn't realize they could afford a cleaning service. It's not just for rich people.

Aziza Hana, 10 Bucks a Room Quote

The branding drives the business

“The branding really drives the business,” says Hana. “People didn’t realize they could afford a cleaning service. It’s not just for rich people.

Hana says people see the logo and that plants the idea in their mind that it’s not as expensive as they thought. And she says many people find that it’s not only affordable, but well worth the cost, especially now that it’s common for both heads of the households to be busy working.

She says people will not only pay for the convenience, but find that it’s worth it. And they will find it in their budget if they decide the price is right. “When you do have time off finally who wants to clean?” she says.

When franchisees start calling

Silva’s simplified business model and pricing coupled with a clear brand message that cuts through the market clutter has turned out to be a formula that travels well.

“We started getting calls from all over the state and really all over the country. We got calls from California saying ‘Hey, I saw you online. Do you service my area?'” says Hana. “Maany decided to franchise the business because the model is very simple and the brand is strong.

Hana says the first franchise sold was in Union County, NJ, and another in Essex County, NJ is in the works. “We’re not in the business to make money off of people. We really want to help people realize that they can actually have their own business and make their own hours,” says Hana.


We looked at other franchise models and realized you don't need all these fees and all these other things other franchises require in order to have a successful business.

Aziza Hana, 10 Bucks a Room Quote

“We looked at other franchise models and realized you don’t need all these fees and all these other things other franchises require in order to have a successful business.”

The same way that Silva decluttered the traditional cleaning business model, she decluttered the traditional franchise model and created a unique offering that’s getting attention.

Further proof that Ideas are powerful and they can travel. And it’s those clear, streamlined ideas that tend to go the furthest, fastest.

Lightning round with 10 bucks a room!

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Your top marketing channel?

We like the grass roots approach. Word of mouth, because our branding is really strong. We have social media, but I would say most of our business is from people seeing the van.

Your favorite Jobber feature?

Automated text messaging is the way to go. People won’t answer phone calls or emails, but text messages they respond to right away! So that takes care of confirmations and I don’t have to follow up.

How does the team unwind after a long day?

Maany is always working—she still does five homes a day. She still works about 12 hour days and doesn’t have time to handle any administrative work. That’s where me (Aziza) and Jobber come in! On her days off she sleeps!

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