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How These Entrepreneurs Went From 0 to 60 Lawns a Week with Jobber

Brian and Kristy Boase went from 0-60 clients in one season by kissing pen and paper goodbye for good.

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Clarksville, Tennessee

Brian and Kristy Boase mowed their first property as MIL-SPEC Landscaping in the spring of 2016, in Clarksville, Tennessee.

Kristy and Brian were both military Veterans and wanted to maintain healthy, active lifestyles in the outdoors after their 20 years of service.

He started the business, and then convinced Kristy to leave her corporate job to join him.

Today, they remain a husband and wife power team (sometimes getting extra help from their kids). Together, they’ve been able to scale their business to the point of maxing out their client list capacity.

By the fall of 2016, they were maintaining 60 lawns a week, and giving away jobs to trusted local ‘competitors.’

Brian and Kristy use Jobber to invoice, communicate with clients, schedule jobs, and get paid.

MIL SPEC added Jobber to their business toolkit in 2016. Thanks to Jobber, MIL SPEC has:

  • Maxed out their client list work capacity
  • Maintained 60 lawns a week between two people
  • Gained the entrepreneurial dream and lifestyle they wanted
  • Shifted to the landscaping industry to scale

“Our tech approach separates us from the competition”

Like most lawn and landscape entrepreneurs, Brian and Kristy considered pen and paper to run their business. The difference was that they never actually ended up using it.

Brian was really serious about finding something more efficient.

Before he signed his first lawn, he was watching lawn care YouTube videos looking for ideas. He quickly learned that software could be one solution.

“I wanted to separate ourselves from the competition with our tech approach,” Brian explains.

Brian started researching various options before settling on Jobber.


From day one, MIL-SPEC was using software to:

  • Keep electronic records
  • Receive booking request notifications to their phones
  • Plan dense routes to save on fuel and time
  • Offer their customers quick and accessible service
  • Accept online payments

Clipboards, printed schedules, whiteboards have had no place in the MIL-SPEC playbook.


It's an all-in-one inclusive platform that ultimately increases efficiency.

Brian Boase Quote

“Jobber benefits our company by increasing efficiency and reducing waste”

Brian and Kristy do everything themselves. So, it’s incredibly important that things are efficient. They have to make the most out of every single day.

“I don’t have a guy that I’m paying 15 bucks an hour I can send somewhere for two hours and pay him 30 bucks. So, if Kristy and I leave for two hours, we’ve lost 400 dollars, basically. That’s not what we net. That’s everything included.”

They don’t flip through spreadsheets and a notepad in their truck. They use Jobber’s mobile app to access all the information they need at the touch of a finger.

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For Kristy and Brian, manually routing between jobs, taking the scenic route, and getting lost are time sinks they’re not familiar with.

“We can pull into a neighborhood, drop the trailer and do five properties. We’re not driving from place to place to place. We save a lot of money,” Brian explains.

Plus, they don’t end up doing admin work and invoicing at home at the end of the day. They can do everything they need to while they’re on the jobsite, or driving to the next one.


It's like having an office manager sitting in the back of your truck working all day long and then even working while you're sleeping.

Brian Boase Quote

“When we’re on the go, I make changes every hour in Jobber”

“If it rained really hard, I move people’s jobs two days over in the mobile app or the desktop version. I just start switching them over.” Kristy just clicks and drags it over to the next day and moves on.

Brian and Kristy don’t just make adjustments by hand. Jobber’s automated features are critical for their cash flow, customer service, and customer communication.

Keeping everything as digital as possible helps them move quickly, take on more, and get paid quickly. All while keeping their customers smiling and happy.

They take advantage of automated text and email reminders for upcoming visits, as well as communication documentation.

“We’ve never had an issue with ‘Well you said you were going to do this and you didn’t do that.’ We’ve never had that issue. Because all our communication—be it text message or email—leaves a digital trail,” says Brian. “That protects both us and our clients.”

“We get halfway through our day and 75% of our clients have already paid us.”

Accounts receivable and cash flow are extremely important for small business owners.

You can’t buy equipment, keep the lights on, or make payroll––even for yourself––if you’re not getting paid.

“Clients get really excited that they can pay me immediately after receiving the email with their invoice. Their phones will ding and they’ll pay us right on the spot,” Kristy explains.

starting a lawn care business with technology
Kristy discusses upcoming work with Chuck, a MIL-SPEC Lawn Care customer.

Even Kristy and Brian’s customers have something to say about that:

“As soon as Kristy leaves I tell her to send me a link to my invoice. Within 20 minutes it’s done and I get my receipt. It’s so easy,” says Lori, a very happy MIL-SPEC customer.

Kristy confirms that their clients really do want to pay them, and that Jobber Payments makes it easier on everyone. It takes a huge load off their backs when they get money in the bank so quickly.

“When we get back into the truck we can send an invoice. Usually when we are working on the next lawn we get an email saying that person has paid,” says Kristy.

“We get halfway through our day and 75% of our clients have already paid us.”

“If you want to run a lean, mean fighting machine that’s efficient and it’s going to reduce waste, then Jobber does that.”

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