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Cleaning Ladies of Durham Region

We use the mobile app all the time, not just me, but my workers as well. Karen Conchie describes her experience with us.

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12 Employees

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5 Years Old

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Pickering, Ontario

Business Overview

The Cleaning Ladies of Durham Region is a residential and commercial cleaning company operating in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. Starting her company only a year ago, Karen Conchie has been able to cultivate a strong team of 8 maids that rely on Jobber’s mobile app for everything that they do.

Cleaning Ladies of Durham Region and Jobber

I heard about Jobber through a person on Facebook, this guy recommended me to try it out. It was through a business group on Facebook that I came into contact with him. I told him that I was looking for a good scheduling software and he recommended Jobber.

Before Jobber

Before Jobber, I was using Microsoft Word for quotes, Excel for invoices and I would use email to send the quotes that I would make, it was a complete nightmare before. We had printed time sheets that we had to fill out every week and those were horrible. Someone recommended that I try a scheduling program called Schedulista but I looked at it and I was like, nope this is not what I need.

After Jobber

I think my favourite feature in Jobber would be the ability to create quotes. Now it’s super easy for me to create a quote. Before I would have to use Microsoft Word to create them and that was pretty horrible.

Jobber’s mobile app is also great [for cleaning businesses]. Our workers just have to look at the notes and attachments section for a specific job and that’s where all the details are for the clean, and any other additional information that they would need. The team leads also utilize the timers so they can see how much time they’ve spent cleaning a particular place.

The Best Thing About Jobber

It is just a great tool for any company that has people on the road a lot. We use the mobile app all the time, not just me, but my workers as well. I can login and see what my workers are doing. I am a bit of a control freak so having the ability to see where they are at all times is a really big plus for me.

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