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Brilliance Luxury Cleaning

Blair Goetz describes her experience in the cleaning industry with Jobber

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Business Overview

We talked to Jobber customer Blair Goetz about his cleaning company, Brilliance Luxury Cleaning. Find out the hurdles Jobber helped his company overcome and how this Canadian cleaning company made the switch from several management programs to an all-in-one business management solution.

Jobber and Brilliance Luxury Cleaning

Jobber has the most robust features versus any other software and some very niche features like the email reminders. I remember researching a lot of other software programs, it took me about 5 months to make a decision because there are some really good features in each program I researched. I would always find myself going back to Jobber. I would try out another software and I would think it was great, but they wouldn’t have certain things, and I would think well Jobber has that, or this other program has this, but Jobber has it too, but better. Like I said I just kept coming back to Jobber and I tried to get away but I just couldn’t. I wanted to make sure that I made the right decision.

Before Jobber

We started out using a bunch of programs, none of them worked together well and a lot of information would become missing. We used iCal for calendars, we used MoneyWorks accounting package, we used Moneris payment solutions for our credit processing needs, and everything was kind of all over the map.

After Jobber

We now have unification of all our information and better communication with the clients, and better communication with the employees because they can access the schedules. Before we had to write it out of iCal daily, which was really annoying. Anytime we wanted to make a change, it’s not like it would show up on the job board in real time. Also with Jobber if one of our clients has a specific request we can add it to the notes section.

The Best Thing About Jobber

The client reminders are amazing! The website integration also works really well for us and you guys were one of the first out there with GPS waypoints. Your speed of cycling is great; Jobber is putting out new developments faster than anyone else.



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