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G.L. Brown runs All-Things-Wood that specializes in restoration of the interior and exterior woods.

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10 Employees

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14 Years Old

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Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Business Overview

Located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, All-Things-Wood specializes in the restoration of the interior and exterior woods. Operating for the past 7 years, All-Things-Wood uses environmentally friendly products to provide their customers with restoration services that are both safe and sustainable.

All-Things-Wood and Jobber

I’ve been searching a long time for something that is both efficient and affordable and I just wasn’t able to find that with other software programs. When I finally learned about Jobber it had exactly what I wanted. I believe that I found Jobber during the first 5 or 6 months of it being created. I found it to be an awesome tool. The reason I chose Jobber was mainly because of the price, it was affordable for a small company like mine. Other programs that could do the same things as Jobber were ridiculously priced and for bigger businesses.

Before Jobber

Before I started using Jobber I would use paper to keep track of everything, I’d also make long hand written invoices, it was horrible. Jobber has taught me a lot of things, but one of the most important things Jobber has taught me is to improve my appearance to the homeowners that we serve. I’ve had several clients ask me if we are a franchise. Jobber makes it look like we’re nationwide. We have this awesome looking software that makes us look super professional and that’s all thanks to Jobber.

After Jobber

The estimating and invoicing would probably be one of my favourite features in Jobber. I  can adjust the estimates and I can show the estimates right there to the customer. It’s neat and so much better than my handwriting. And Jobber just keeps everything very organized.

The Best Thing About Jobber

Overall I would say that Jobber probably saves me 6 to 10 hours a week of work. But like I mentioned before I really want to emphasize how my customers are very impressed with the invoices and emails that they receive from us. So it makes my customers happy and it also gives me a lot of confidence in my own business because Jobber makes me look very professional.



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