Why Start a Cleaning Business?

Starting a cleaning business can be intimidating

Along with our industry expert Katie Pearse we are here to help.

Katie built her own multi-million dollar, award winning cleaning business and has a world of experience when it comes to this industry. She now creates marketing products and services for people who want their own successful, upscale cleaning business.

We collaborated with her to showcase the main reasons for starting a cleaning business and being a part of a fantastic industry.

Making money in the cleaning industry

It’s possible to bring in over $100,000 a month and over $1 million a year. You can also make money literally every day as you receive payments from your clients on a rolling basis.

Compared to some other industries, the cash flow in a cleaning business is excellent. With that said, you have full control over your own business. As a result, you can grow your cleaning business as big as you want.

This type of business can move from quotes to jobs, and into a full-force cleaning company that you control.

Cleaning is a job that will never go away

There will always be a demand for cleaners. As our industry expert Katie says, “Every single person needs their house cleaned.” And many people will always be willing to pay someone else to do it for them, even when the economy takes a dive.

Katie’s cleaning company started in 2008, when a recession was hitting, and it had no effect on the company, she says. Business was actually booming.


“Cleaning is not a trend, it’s a real necessity, there is such a huge market for cleaning because it’s as common as people getting their oil changed.”

Katie Pearse Quote

Start-up costs are next to nothing

You don’t have to rent an office, and you can do all your marketing and staff recruiting on websites like craigslist and Facebook.

With a few cleaning products and a quality service, you can start a cleaning business for under $100. Find work around you, and keep your clients close as you master your service and business process.

The investment to start is slim. This is a common misunderstanding and an advantage to choosing the cleaning industry.


“Starting a cleaning business is inexpensive and you can easily have clients within hours of launching. It’s also fantastic for cash flow because you get paid at each cleaning or even in advance of the appointments.”

Katie Pearse Quote

You can start your cleaning business with one person

You can be a one-person business and then easily scale up as you build your client base. By being a one-person company, you set your own hours!

You will be able to find the right schedule for you, and manage the growth of your company and investment in it as you see your client list grow.

As long as you have the responsibility and accountability of your service, you will find success from the very beginning.

Software makes running a cleaning business easy

Affordable software such as Jobber makes it painless and straightforward to manage your invoices, schedule jobs (even for a large group of staff as you grow), and plan efficient travel routes for driving between your clients’ homes.

Software will save you time and spare you from a ton of paperwork.


“Technology gives cleaning business owners opportunities you would never have 10 or even 5 years ago. Be a profitable cleaning company that lasts by combining dazzling customer service with the best technology available.”

Katie Pearse Quote

You have the right personality to start a cleaning business

Cleaners need to be independent, self-motivated, and comfortable going into people’s homes.

Liking to clean and being good at it certainly helps as well! This involves the ability to be self-motivated for your business to succeed.

A self-driven entrepreneur will take the necessary steps to discover the opportunities the cleaning industry provides.

You get real satisfaction from helping your clients

You should derive real satisfaction from the fact that you’re helping people—relieving them from stress and making their homes and lives better in a very tangible way.

“You’ll never succeed in a service business if you don’t care. You have to care,” says Katie. If you get a sense of satisfaction from helping your clients, your business will be meaningful and fulfilling.


“Your clients live busy lives and they’d much rather be lunching with friends or cuddling with their kids or pets. They cherish their downtime and if you can give them more of it, you’ll be a dream come true that they’ll never want to be without.”

Katie Pearse Quote

Katie Pearse

Marketing specialist and founder of a million-dollar maid service. Katie offers branding, PR, and marketing support through her Maid Mentor Club

If you’ve started a cleaning business and are ready to take your business to the next level, check out Jobber’s Guide to Running a Cleaning Business.

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