Social Media for your Service Business

One of the great parts of running a field service business is that you’re always communicating with your customers face-to-face.

However, in this digital age there are other online opportunities to communicate with your customers, one obvious example being Social Media platforms.

Social Media gives you another opportunity to engage with existing customers and can also open up new business opportunities. Beyond that, you can also recruit new employees, find partnerships, and access industry groups.

In every instance, social media is an outlet for you to be creative with your language and marketing efforts, so let your personality shine through.

Talk with Your Customers

Social media gives you the opportunity to grow the relationship you have with existing customers. It enables you to reach your customers on a consistent basis and turn one-off jobs into recurring work.

Need a couple ideas for what to post on social media? Photos are always a great start! Show off your company’s personality by posting photos of your team working out in the field. Photos of your completed work will showcase some of the great work your company does.

When you post on a site like Facebook or LinkedIn and your customers interact with the post, their friends and network may see this post. This is a great way to get exposure to a new audience.

There are plenty of ways to talk with customers on social media, you just need to remember to make the effort. Take photos, respond to questions, and reach out to new followers. These efforts will help your business show up on people’s news feeds that maybe haven’t heard of you yet.

Social Media for Recruitment

Social media isn’t just about landing new business – this medium is about being social! Because of this, social media can be a tool to find great employees.

Recruitment is important for field service companies. Display your company’s culture through your social channels, and show the awesome workplace you’ve created.

Place job listings on your social media sites and your employees can share the post for exposure. You can also use social media advertising and segment to a particular group of people to find great talent.

Engage With Your Industry

A lot of your industry colleagues are communicating on social media. There are countless Facebook and LinkedIn Groups that are talking about industry news, trends, and best practices that you’re missing out on! They act and feel a lot like the forums you might currently be contributing to.

Increasing your knowledge in your craft will only help your business. Understand that there is an engaged community of people in your industry looking to help.

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