Upselling Your Lawn Care and Landscaping Services


Providing lawn care and landscaping services has never been more profitable. For the latest statistics released by Sageworks, landscaping businesses enjoyed robust sales growth of 12%, with an incredible 50% increase in profit margins.

However, not all landscaping companies have reaped the financial rewards of the most recent landscaping boom. The primary reason many landscaping companies fall behind the competition is the inability to upsell their services.

Research conducted by Lawn & Landscape Magazine presents evidence that more than 75% of landscaping customers would purchase more than the standard treatments for their lawns. The catch is landscaping contractors have to make the case that the additional services make lawns healthier and more aesthetically appealing. The same study conducted by Lawn & Landscape Magazine stated that 67% of homeowners use the same contractor for every landscaping service.

Upselling services is about getting more work from the same customers. This begs the question, how do you upsell your services?


How to Upsell Lawn Care and Landscaping Services

LawnCare and Landscape companies often employ fewer than 10 people. On most days, company owners have to work in the field. The busy life of a landscaping company owner leaves little time for upselling services to customers. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways you can upsell your services:

1. Talk to Your Most Loyal Customers

Dave Brown of Dave Brown Landscape Group promotes the strategy of upselling the most loyal customers. “Our ideal residential client wants to have somebody in total management of their lawn and landscape,” Brown said. “We prefer the picky client – one who wants to hire someone who can take care of the full property, and wants what we have to give.” Brown’s selective strategy works well, as he can maximize the service offering for each client.

2. Offer Package Deals

One of the most effective ways to get more jobs involves bundling services into one package. Let’s assume a customer want the hedges trimmed and garden mulched. You can upsell your services by recommending weed control treatment.

You can discount the weed control treatment by including it in a comprehensive landscaping or lawn care services package.

3. Free Landscaping Assessment

Before you sign on the dotted line to verify a contract, you must perform a detailed assessment of what needs to be done for a customer. Savvy business owners offer free landscaping assessments to encourage potential customers to buy more services.

This is an indirect way of upselling landscaping services. Free assessments often lead the way towards getting more jobs.

4. Keep Customers Informed

You can’t expect your customers to buy more services when they don’t even know your other services exist. If you want to succeed at getting more jobs, you need to keep your customers informed of the latest landscaping and lawn care treatments and technologies. Upselling your services often only requires you to send out an email or brochure that presents the new services your company offers. This method of upselling works the best for loyal patrons of your landscaping business.

5. Define the Benefits

You have to convince your customers that any new service you provide creates tangible benefits. The tangible benefits could include saving homeowners money on garden maintenance costs or enhancing the appearance of a row of hedges. Whatever the reason, define the benefit of upselling landscaping and lawn care services to increase the likelihood of getting more jobs.

Knowing how to upsell your services improves the return on your marketing spend. Whether you add an aerating job or implement a pathogen control program, you’re bringing in more revenue and increasing your profit margin.

Upselling landscaping services requires customer loyalty, which brings us to the most effective way for getting more jobs. Providing superior customer service connects you to customers that want more from your landscaping or lawn care company.

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