Twitter for Your Service Business

Twitter is a great way for home services businesses to connect with their customers, showcase and boast about their work and communicate with the industry at large while highlighting their work culture.

It’s the original ‘short attention span’ social platform, and if you’re not on it, you are missing out on a vast audience of individuals who have the potential to help you grow your business in ways you never dreamed possible. You can get in front of your audience, encourage engagement, promote your website, blog and other initiatives, and connect with other businesses in your niche while supporting your marketing efforts across a range of platforms. Twitter also offers advertising for businesses, and you can use promoted tweets to boost your reach to an even wider audience.

Get in Front of Your Audience

These days, any company needs to be looking at ways to get their message in front of past, current, and future customers. Twitter can be used to cross-promote your newsletters, blogs, emails, promotions and other social media efforts.

Just some of the ways Twitter can help your field business include:

  • Reminding and informing customers of needs for seasonal maintenance
  • Advertising offers
  • Posting up to the minute information on weather or other events that might affect your ability to complete scheduled work
  • Providing ongoing progress reports on current projects
  • Posting before and after photos
  • Promoting awards or accolades
  • Posting DIY tips related to your niche
  • Tweeting about community or charity work you are involved in

The upshot of this is that former customers may even be inspired to look you up for a new job once they’ve seen what you’ve been up to lately while your charitable work in the community may warm new people to your cause, and position you in a favorable light.

Staying in Touch

Many businesses find a huge value in using Twitter as a messaging platform. It is quicker and often more immediate than email, and since the messages are short, you don’t have to belabor the point you are trying to make. By using Twitter as a communication platform, you will encourage customer engagement that is specifically related to your business, such as Q&A that may arise from time to time.

You can set up your account to send a notification to your email so that you are informed immediately when you receive a direct message. Bottom line, the more ways you allow your customers to reach you, the better chance there is that you will connect.

Short Attention Span

One of the great things about Twitter is its brief, concise message. While you can include media, links and hashtags (#) to make your tweets searchable, your entire message must be 140 characters or less. Another thing that makes Twitter awesome is that you can repost Tweets daily, or even more than once a day. Since the information on Twitter cycles so quickly, you don’t run the risk of alienating people with repetition. Once you have identified something that works, you can serve it over and over again, generally with much the same results.

Using a scheduling app such as Hootsuite, you can schedule tweets well into the future so you won’t have to worry about being constantly attached to it: simply define your marketing purposes, design your tweets and set them up to publish every hour, a few times a day or at regular intervals that you define.

Type of Messages You Can Tweet

There are many ways to connect with people through your tweets. Some of the things you can tweet out include:

  • Encouraging people to visit your website or blog with a link
  • Use a link shortener like Bitly, or Hootsuite has its own shortener
  • Re-tweet articles of interest from others in your niche, or from your suppliers
  • Post amusing or anecdotal thoughts of the day to promote engagement
  • Post photos of works in progress or before and after shots
  • Promote your blog
  • Send out sale or promotional notices

Set Up Your Twitter Account

With about five minutes to spare, you too can have your own Twitter account. Best of all, it’s free to use and simple to get started. Simply go to and sign up. Follow the prompts to further target it towards your business niche. Add a profile picture, a cover photo and a short description of your business—also 140 characters, so make it count! You can include a couple of #hashtags in your description to make it more easily searchable, and will also be able to enter your website address. Once you’re up and running, remember to follow some accounts. Follow similar companies to see what they are doing. Follow your customers, and follow those who follow you. The more you engage, the better potential you have to make it work.

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