Simple Ways to Improve Employee Training for your Cleaning Business

training new employees

Your cleaning business is about so much more than cleaning your client’s homes—your cleaning business is about the relationships you build with your clients.

And who interacts with your clients on a day-to-day basis? It’s your employees that work out in the field. Of course, your employees clean your client’s homes, but they are also the face of your residential cleaning company and interact with your clients every day.

Good employees are at the core of any successful cleaning business. Finding, training, and retaining good employees, however, is one of the biggest challenges that any cleaning company faces.

We’ve previously written about a few strategies to hire great employees and we’ve put together a downloadable job ad toolkit to help you find the best employees for your business. But once you find the perfect employee what’s the next step?

Of course, you need to make sure that new employees have proper paperwork filled out and understand company policies, but more than that, you need to make sure that your employees feel comfortable doing their job. This is where employee training comes in.

Why employee training is important

No matter the company, or even the line of business, training new employees has a lot of obvious benefits. A good training program will help new employees be the best they can be.

For your cleaning company, well-trained employees will provide better customer service and be more efficient when cleaning. Ultimately, trained employees will be a better representation of your company than untrained employees.

Additionally, there is a less obvious benefit to training new employees. Trained employees are more loyal to your company than employees that receive no training at all. The Hiring Site Blog found that more than 90% of employees are more loyal to employers who invest in their skills by training them. This is why training new employees is a great employee retention strategy.

Finding new employees is one challenge, but once you find new employees, you want to keep them with your company. Invest a little bit of time in training your employees and you won’t have to spend as much time recruiting. Your good employees will stay with your company longer.

Getting started

So you know that you need to train new employees. Training your employees will help them do a better job and they’ll stay with your company longer. But, where do you begin?

Start by training in pairs

New employees should never go to clean a client’s house by themselves. Instead, train your new hires by having a senior employee or a manager go out on jobs with them and clean as a pair.

If your staffing model is one cleaner per job, send your new staff members out on their own only when you’re confident that they’re ready. If your staffing model is cleaning in teams of two or more, make it a habit of pairing up newer cleaners with more experienced cleaners. This way, newer cleaners get ongoing training and support from someone with more experience.

As your team grows, you also want to be on the lookout for staff who are ready to step into an official training role and take some of this work off your hands.

Use cleaning checklists when training

When new employees go to a client’s home for the first time, there is a lot to remember. They’ll be going with a more experienced employee or manager, but you still want to give them the tools they need so they aren’t forgetting anything. This is where checklists come in.

You can use Job Forms in Jobber to create consistent training checklists for all your new employees.

We recommend using a cleaning checklist for each room when an employee is first starting out.

new employee cleaning checklist
A cleaning checklist in Jobber using Job Forms.

A cleaning checklist provides direction to new employees without you having to watch over their shoulder. Employees will get important guidance but they will also feel empowered to do the job right.

Another way checklist can help provide guidance for new employees is an end of visit checklist.

With an end of visit checklist, your staff will be trained to provide consistent service and your customers will appreciate it.



By using checklists and training new employees in pairs, you’ll create a good training foundation that you can build upon. Once you’ve laid this foundation, you can look into ways to provide ongoing training and evaluate your cleaning staff. Do you have any tips on how you train employees? Leave them in the comments below!

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