Service Software Summit and The HUGE Convention 2018 Preview

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Later this month the Jobber crew will be heading to Atlanta, Georgia for the Service Software Summit (August 22), and The HUGE Convention (August 23-24).
We spoke with a few of the speakers from the Service Software Summit speakers: Curt Kempton (Founder and CEO, Symphosize, LLC, Service Software Summit organizer), Lars Kristensen (Founder, NiceJob), and Nick Keyko (Director of Marketing, Jobber), as well as past Huge Convention attendee Troy Pinkton, to get the scoop on both shows.

Service Software Summit

Service Software Summit is the first of its kind: a software conference exclusively for service providers. The summit is a one day event, broken down into 24 informative talks given by 8 product companies all serving different areas of your service business’s needs. Inspired by TED talks, each speaker will be providing an hour’s worth of content in 12-13 minutes, and all talks will happen in the same room. The summit promises hard-hitting, professional content that just won’t quit.

Curt Kempton, Founder and CEO, Symphosize, LLC
Curt Kempton, Founder and CEO, Symphosize, LLC

We spoke with Symphosize Founder and CEO, and organizer of Service Software Summit, Curt Kempton, to find out the why and what behind the show. Curt developed the service quoting software known as ResponsiBid and provides consulting to service businesses. He’s laser focused on staying true to the company mission of “restoring order and enthusiasm to the blue collar worker”.

Lightning round with Curt!

How would you describe the summit?

Curt: It’s basically the first tech conference ever held for the service industry. The Service Software Summit brings together not just the technology that helps service companies be successful, but also the methodologies that make those technologies work. You’ll see how different types of softwares interact with each other in order to bring the best possible customer experience to your customers while keeping you sane!

What will attendees get from the summit?

Curt: Attendees will learn how they can use automation to spread their specific brand and customer experience into a systematized, repeatable journey. There will be lots of thought provoking stories shared as well as ideas on how to make your customer journey even bettereven if you decide not to do it with software!

What inspired you to host the first software-focused summit for service providers?

Curt: I wanted to help service companies see that they haven’t been forgotten by tech companies and that there are far more tools at their disposal than they probably even know. It’s important for them to see that they are wearing a lot of hats, and some of those day-to-day tasks that are taking lots of time and energy could be done using software, or in a different way that might allow their customers to have a better experience, and for them to make more profit!



I wanted to help service companies see that they haven’t been forgotten by tech companies and that there are far more tools at their disposal than they probably even know.

Curt Kempton, Founder and CEO, Symphosize, LLC Quote

Will service providers be able to see hands-on demos?

Curt: There will be demos from the stage for most of the technology offerings, but if they want a hands-on demo, they will be able to connect with the companies individually throughout the conference.

What kind of industries will be attending the summit?

Curt: This show is perfect for service companies looking to develop their business. The software at the summit will work for any service company.

NiceJob at the Summit

Lars Kristensen, Founder, NiceJob
Lars Kristensen, Founder, NiceJob

We spoke with Lars Kristensen, Founder of NiceJob, whose goal is to help great companies get the reputation they deserve. “Marketing traditionally has been based on who has the biggest budget and catchiest taglines. Which is really unfortunate, as those companies are often not the ones with the best product or service. NiceJob is helping change that by making it easier for companies to get great reviews, and put those reviews in front of more potential customers. NiceJob empowers your customers to do your marketing”, says Lars.

At the summit Lars and Connor, Director of Growth at NiceJob, will be speaking on how every business can create raving fans, and going over reasons why businesses fail, how reputations is crucially important, and what businesses can do to avoid these pitfalls.

Lightning round with Lars!

What value are you hoping service providers will leave the summit with, specifically relating to NiceJobs’ talks Why Sometimes the Best Companies Still Fail (and how not to), and #fanculture is No Longer Optional?

Lars:  This summit is really focused on the ingredients to building an amazing company. We’re going to look at how key drivers of company growth have had a massive shift in the last few years, and how every company should be leveraging technology to keep up with that change.

What excites you about being involved with the Service Software Summit?

Lars: It’s not often you can attend an entire day’s program where you won’t want to miss a minute. The TED style 15 minute talk format is really exciting. They really force the presenter to prepare wellit’s not easy to cover most of the themes that will be considered in 15 minutes. And the result will be higher quality talks packed with actionable take home points.

Is there a particular talk that you’re excited to listen to?

Lars: Josh Latimers talk Raving Fan Employees is right up our alley. We really believe that customer experience is something that needs to be deeply embedded in company culture, and that starts with your team. It should be a good one to watch.


Jobber at the Summit

Service Software Summit, Huge Convention
Mark, Nick, and Naz from the Jobber team

A few members of the Jobber crew will be heading to the summit to both talk and learn from speakers and service providers attending. Nick Keyko, Jobber’s Director of Marketing, will be talking about how Uber disrupted the seemingly stable taxi industry by providing customers with a service experience light years ahead of their old-fashioned competition—and how to apply that strategy to your business—as well as identifying under-the-radar ways that bad scheduling habits can drain your time.

He’ll also be leading a Jobber demo, including tips on overcoming those bad scheduling habits, and how features in Jobber can help improve the overall service experience you’re offering your customers. We chatted with Nick on what he thinks about the summit, what he’s looking forward to most, and what takeaways he hope attendees will leave with.

Lightning round with Nick!

Nick Keyko, Jobber
Nick Keyko, Director of Marketing, Jobber

What are your thoughts on speaking at Service Software Summit, the first event of it’s kind, i.e., the first software summit for service providers?

Nick: I think it’s a long time coming! The Home Services industry is changing fast—from how consumers find and interact with service providers to how technology is playing a major role in the day-to-day lives of service providers. It’s great to see an industry coming together to learn together about how they can keep doing what they do best—providing awesome service to their customers.

What talk on the schedule are you most looking forward to?

Nick: I think Stacey’s talk on social media is going to be really interesting. Social media has become so ingrained in our daily routines but it can be really hard to make it work for your business. Looking forward to hearing from the expert!

Without ruining too much, what do you hope the audience will take away from your talks?

Nick: Technology, and software specifically, has changed so much in the last decade. It’s become so much more necessary, but also so much more approachable.

The HUGE Convention 2018

Just one day after Service Software Summit, the 6th annual The HUGE Convention will be taking place August 23-24, at the Marriot Marquis in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Huge Convention 2017
Wesley, College Student Pressure Washing and David, Glass Geeks at The HUGE Convention, 2017

If you own a window cleaning, pressure washing, or power washing service business, The HUGE Convention is the place to be. It offers the opportunity to meet and build relationships with other service business owners in your industry, check out all of the new products and services on the market (or soon to be on the market), and this year there will be 20 speakers giving advice on everything from social media and brand management to employee pay and fostering a growth culture for your service business.

It will be Jobber’s second year at the show, and we can’t wait to catch up with some of our customers and other folks in the industry we’ve met over the years. The Jobber crew will be at booth #510—come stop by!

Checking in with Troy Pinkston, past HUGE attendee

We spoke with Jobber customer Troy Pinkston, Service Engineer at Hydrosphere Services and Senior System Specialist at Atmosphere Supply in Lexington, Kentucky, to hear about what his biggest takeaways from the show were.

For Troy, as both a service provider through Hydrosphere Services and a supplier through Atmosphere Supply, there’s value all around. “We’re a distributor as well as a user, so we go into the shows with two different sides. In the past we’ve made a couple of big sales immediately at the show just through networking”.

“You’re always meeting someone new. Honestly the meet and greet, round table sessions, and when you’re actually talking with your fellow people who are in the trade with you is where I found the most value. You learn a lot when you’re at the show, and you take even more back. At the round table sessions you learn different techniques and product advice, and at the show, you can get your hands on the product to actually know and understanding that product.


We’ve made friends from all over the United States. I was in Florida for UAMCC for training and ran into a guy from New Jersey that I met at a show. You start meeting people and you make a little industry family.

Troy Pinkston, Service Engineer (Hydrosphere Services) and Senior System Specialist (Atmosphere Supply) Quote

“The biggest value is the interaction between other attendees. You learn so much more from your peers. We’ve made friends from all over the United States. I was in Florida for UAMCC (United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners) for training and ran into a guy from New Jersey that I met at a show. You start meeting people and you make a little industry family. You don’t see everyone too often but when you do you share your stories. In return, the people we’ve met have become customers on the distributor side for us.”

Tickets are still available for Service Software Summit and
The Huge Convention.

We hope to see you there!



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