Scheduling on the Job: The Need for Technology

Technology can make scheduling easier for you and your crew—especially when you need to spend time in the field yourself. You may be only a few clicks away from a more productive day.

A landscaping company owner meets with their crew at the end of a long work day and hands out the next day’s assignments. The owner keeps track of the assignments on a piece of paper and hopes everyone ends up at the assigned locations.

Does this sound familiar? Relax. There is no reason why you have to rely on hope with the scheduling tools available today.

As the business owner, you may find that you’re far too busy planning work, instead of spending the time in the field working alongside your team like you’d rather be doing. In order to maximize your field time, you need a proven solution to organize, schedule, and manage the workload.

This is where technology makes the difference between plodding through a workday inefficiently and substantially increasing productivity.

How to Use Technology to Create Work Schedules

Field service business owners often work alongside their employees, whether a general contractor owner helps with an HVAC project or lawn care operator takes the lead on a corporate contract. Technology offers several tools that make running your business much easier so that you can do double-duty effectively.


The simple spreadsheet provides small business owners with a customized way to schedule jobs, as well as employees on a weekly basis. You only need to acquire basic Excel skills to organize your work schedule, and a quick web search will provide you with tips and templates to start from.

Hang completed schedules in a central location at your business headquarters, and print enough copies for every employee to take home for reference.

Tablets and Smartphones

These devices give you instant access to email and your scheduling programs without having to lug around a laptop. You can a use a tablet or smartphone to access Excel or your scheduling software and complete next week’s schedule when you have some downtime between jobs, and you can also change job assignments while you’re out in the field by sending a quick email to the affected employee.

If the job change is during the current workday, a text message can alert your employee immediately. Your employees most likely have smartphones they’re using throughout the day, so you may as well make them part of your scheduling solution!

Scheduling Software

Companies (like Jobber) create programs that help business owners organize work schedules. You can easily manage your employees, schedule and make changes while you’re in the field, and plan recurring or one-off jobs. This valuable productivity tool dramatically reduces the amount of time that you spend managing your business workload. Less time behind your desk means more time working with your team.

Software also allows you to see progress in real time. With multiple calendar views (daily, weekly, monthly) and GPS visuals, you’ll know where your workers are, and what jobs are to be completed in a certain timeframe.

Does this solution sound ideal? Jobber offers a Free Trial so you can see if it works well for your business work flow.

No matter which solution you try, being able to cut down on admin costs and schedule your team quickly will allow your business to focus on the quality of your service. 



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