Put Together an Invoice Process

The invoice process seems straightforward. You submit a digitally created summary of the field services you provide, along with an invoice date amount due. However, the first item on your accounts receivable to do list often loses its importance in the organization of your financial books.

Field service business owners in fields as diverse as lawn care and pest control need to know how to put together an invoice for saving time that they can better spend working on site.

Here’s how you put together an invoice process.

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Clarity Matters

Far too many field service business operators send out invoices full of unnecessary information. The unneeded information confuses customers that either pushes the invoices into the “not urgent” pile or simply toss the invoices in the trash. Any invoice you send out must be concise in presenting the products delivered and services performed. The invoice process also must include an invoice number, a due date and the amount owed. The organization of an invoice must appear professional, especially if you send invoices via cyberspace. Basic invoicing software helps busy field service businesses save time by sending out professional looking invoices.

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Do You Have the Right Billing Address?

Field service business owners need help saving time. The less time spent in the office means more time spent in the field helping your team of service professionals complete projects in a timely manner. Whenever you send an invoice to the wrong address, you can expect the “Return to sender” delivery to set your organization back hours. If you send an invoice digitally that includes an incorrect address, you leave your field service business open for litigation. Customers that receive digital invoices that include incorrect billing addresses can contest the legality of the invoices inside of a courtroom.

Don't Wait Until Tomorrow

Procrastination represents the biggest enemy of business organization. You can’t afford to not send out invoices in a timely manner. The “I’ll get to it tomorrow” approach to sending out invoices inevitably ends up costing you enough money to put you in the red during a one-month-accounting period. Saving time for running your business never should include reducing the amount of time you spend on the invoice process. Sending invoices out weeks after completing a job not only causes customer confusion, it might also lead to customers not paying what they owe.

Invoice Process Requires Payment Details

You’ve sent an invoice that clearly describes the service provided, as well as the amount owed and the timeframe to remit payment. The invoice went out in a timely manner to an address that the customer calls home. You seem to be set up for success, that is until you realize that you failed to include the details that describe how customers pay for your services. If you send out an invoice digitally or via snail mail, you must always include instructions that inform customers about where to send checks or the information required for sending money via digital transfers. 

Late Fees Speed Up the Invoice Process

Saving time during the invoice process involves setting late fee procedures. You include the percentage of the amount due customers have to pay for sending invoice money late. Once customers learn about the charge for late payments, you can expect to receive money for jobs well done in a timely manner. Nothing drains your energy more than having to waste time trying to get money from delinquent customers. Moreover, make sure to add the date when a late fee charges start. The best invoicing software includes a feature that automatically sends you a late fee alert.

When You Must Pay Invoices

The invoice process is a two-way street. Saving time also involves ensuring the invoices your field service business receives include a verifiable purchase order. Every invoice that you receive must go directly to accounts payable, preferably within an invoice process software program that automatically keeps track of you owe. If you want to shorten the timeline of the invoice process, make sure to resolve invoicing disputes promptly. The best way to enhance invoice organization requires field service business owners to set up automatic payments by using top of the line invoicing software.

Most field service businesses operate with a small team of dedicated professionals. This means you often have to fill labor holes for projects performed in the field. Your contributions in the field should be the impetus to make the invoice process something that invoicing software performs. The less time you spend tracking down customers that owe you money, the more time you have to do what you like to do: Work with your team on site.

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