How To Put Employee Smartphones to Work

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Have you ever poked fun at a panicking friend who forgot their smartphone at home? They feel lost without their social networks at their fingertips, meanwhile you feel the comforting weight of your phone in your pocket. Phew.

Carrying a smartphone and staying connected is the new normal. When every one of your employees is most likely carrying one from job to job it makes you wonder how you can use them to your advantage.

If you use Jobber, you know that smartphones can help you run a more efficient business. But even if you don’t, there is another built-in feature that you can use to your advantage: the phone’s camera!

Handy for more than taking photos of meals during lunch breaks, the high power cameras that come with today’s smartphones can help move your business forward in three ways.

1. Upselling

If you or an employee are out in the field working on a job, you might see an opportunity to perform or modify a task that a client would appreciate.

Landscapers might determine that extending a retaining wall creates a better flow throughout a green space. A snow removal company could identify a hazard the client didn’t see when they called to book the job. A maid service could find mold that will take extra time to eliminate.

Taking a photo and sending it to a client by text or email means no more time spent trying to describe a hard-to-describe situation, and your customer is in a better position to understand the need for additional work and decide right away if they would like you to take care of it.

Photo evidence of extra work you’re suggesting can also build customer confidence in your business. Over time, they’ll be more likely to accept your recommendations as they know you’re always suggesting work or maintenance that is of real value to them.

2. Better Customer Service

Photos offer you the opportunity to truly customize a customer’s experience. If you have a particularly detail-oriented client, you can take photos of work the client likes so that your staff can duplicate it on their own.

It’s not always possible to send the same crew to recurring appointments, so documenting certain processes allows you to always provide a personal touch.

Side note: Jobber makes this process easy, allowing your team members to upload photos and notes to client accounts, and even attach photos to specific jobs.

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3. Marketing

You can probably count on the fact that your employees have a few social networks running on their smartphones, so why not get them to take photos that you can share on your business social pages.

Photos of your team in the field are always winners on social media, allowing customers and potential customers to get a behind the scenes look at your work and the services you offer. For example, Jobber customer Oahu Tree Works has an Instagram page that not only has us pining for Hawaii’s landscapes, but demonstrates the immense size of jobs they can handle.

Another way to illustrate the difference your business can make in your clients’ lives is the always impressive before and after photo. The shine in this Evergreen Cleaning Company post speaks for itself!

Today’s smartphone cameras produce pretty high quality photos, so creating a library of photos can help when you decide to change your Facebook header photo to match the seasons, create or refresh your business website, or put together an advertisement.

Bonus: Employee Engagement

By asking your employees to wield their smartphones and take part in implementing these strategies, you empower them to work with you to boost business. That’s a powerful outcome on its own.

Put your employees’ smartphones to work! Are you already putting this strategy into play for your business? If you have a great example, please share it below.



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